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5 Ways to make your kids unbeatable champions in spelling quiz competition

Press Release: March 30, 2017

Does your kid have what it takes to be a champion in spelling quiz? Just like in the just concluded 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee that produced two winners, your kids too can fit into that league of champions if you take the time to read and follow the suggestions below.

Winners are not born; they are made. It is truer for spelling quiz winners as the words they spelled to win are there with us even before they were born. It takes learning, commitment, and determination to become a winner.

There are rules for every competition, and spelling quizzes are not different. It requires the participants to learn and internalize some words and for participants to meet age or grade limits. It also entrust them with the responsibility of getting ready to compete. That means for your kid to become unbeatable, she needs to be ready for the spelling quiz.

This article will discuss 5 ways your child can prepare to clinch the trophy.

1. Start early
To participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition, for instance, a participant needs to be within the acceptable grade levels of not being more than grade 8. It means your daughter can start preparing for the competition as early as kg 2. However, best suggestion is for child to start when she can read and write.

2. Allow your kid to participate in related competitions
Encourage your kid to start participating in spelling quizzes from the class among other children. Though it may not carry the same ovation as state or national competition, adequate preparation is crucial for the ultimate goal – becoming a national spelling quiz champion. When your kid learns a word, it sticks with her for a long time. Becoming a national champion requires the ability to spell more than a thousand words. The best way to achieve this is by building the words gradually and using it often in competitions.

3. Make it an important assignment to accomplish
Success in life is about commitment. Your kid’s preparation should occupy a place of importance in your family program. Available reports on kids who have won the Scripps national spelling bee competition show that they took as business and committed all efforts to win. When you classify it as an important task, you will be able to commit resources to achieve it.

The feat on display in recent years by Indian-American kids at the Scripps national spelling bee competition shows that the entire Indian America community invested enormous resources in preparing their children for the ultimate national glory. For example, the North South Foundation has been in the forefront of organizing competitive spelling quizzes with the parents committing registering their children to build them up. Little wonder, the India-Americans have been consistent winners of Scripps national spelling bee competition for more than a decade now.

4. Motivate your kid, not force them
Learning and sticking with over a thousand words is not easy unless one is willing. Do not push your child to learn, but encourage and expose her to other kids in the spelling bee journey to interact and form a learning group. Luckily, there are educational games that can ignite kids’ interest to learn. Sometimes, you can play such game with her.

You can also reward her achievement when she meets her learning target. For example, reward her when she mastered her first 100 words. Again, with another 100 words and even make it a bigger reward when she hit 450-500 words. If she clinches a trophy at any build-up event, take the time to acknowledge her effort and encourage her to do more.

5. It is hard work, but your list of help is unlimited
See relevant links below will help for your kid's preparation for spelling quiz championship, check them out.

• www.spellquiz.com to learn more about Scripps National Spelling Bee competition
• http://www.spelling-words-well.com/spelling-strategies.html to learn about spelling strategies for
• http://spellingbee.com/eligibility go here to know eligibility of your child for the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition
• you can subscribe your child for phonetics learning; this is an excellent way to start building the words with lots of fun.

The help list above is only a drop in the ocean of resources available on your child’s journey to clinch the coveted spelling quiz trophy; there are more resources available online. You can use the search keyword “spelling quiz available help” for more resources.

The efforts to make your kid an unbeatable champion in competitive brain activities should start with putting your child through the best support for building the words as they grow and one of such support is the phonetics learning.

At SpellQuiz phonetics learning, we take your kid from nowhere to somewhere in active learning. You can monitor how your child performs with her study, anytime as we take away the stress of having you to be with her all the time so you can concentrate on doing other things you love. Our system allows you to come back and check on her progress. This way, your desire of seeing her become a spelling quiz champion is right within your grasp.

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