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5 Useful Tips for Responsive Website Design

Press Release: March 23, 2021

No website owner/business in today’s time wants a website that’s not responsive. Responsive website is like an integral aspect of web design project. The outcome of a responsive site is a pleasant user experience along with device compatibility. While website owners keep focusing on responsiveness, how do web designers achieve it? Well, simple tips must be followed to develop a responsive website. Such simple tips, if followed from the very initial stage of website design in fact minimize the work of a website designer. 

In today’s blog Newtek IT Services - a reputed website design company in Orlando explains 5 useful tips that designers can follow for easily designing a responsive website:

Layout or Coding – Which One Comes First?

There are two important aspects in any web design project – layout and coding. When the target is to deliver a responsive website, Newtek IT Services recommends web designers to begin with layout and then, move ahead to coding. Beginning with wireframe makes it easy for web designers to achieve the exact website design with easy customization. 

Tools to Check Website Responsiveness

There are different tools that can be used to check the website responsiveness during the designing phase and before the website goes live. For website responsiveness, Newtek IT Services recommends Adobe Edge Reflow, InVision and Wirefry tools for checking website responsiveness. 

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Plan Your Website Navigation Wisely

Planning website navigation in order to develop a responsive website is important because the navigation of site differs in desktop and mobile version. 

The common approach for desktop navigation is visible links of all important pages on navigation.

The common approach for mobile navigation is using hamburger icons with hidden links. Another trend of responsive mobile navigation is including important menu items on smaller screens and using the hamburger menu for other links.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is crucial in responsive website design. Newtek IT Services recommends using website images in JPEG or PNG format. Image size must be reduced for websites to meet scaling and bandwidth issues. 

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Typography Optimization

Typography optimization also helps website responsiveness. For website typography optimization, Newtek IT Services recommends choosing legible font over decorative or script ones. 

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