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5+ Types of Terminal Block Accessories

Press Release: October 14, 2020

A terminal block in an insulated frame is a modular block that is used to secure multiple wires. There are many types of terminal blocks available in the market along with a wide range of accessories. In this blog, we will quickly learn about 5+ Types of Terminal Block Accessories as listed by Elmex. Elmex is a certified pioneer company manufacturing and supplying advanced electrical wire technology products and appliances.

Group Markers and Warning Label Markers

When it comes to marking a group of terminal blocks, it is called Group Markers. These are fixed on end clamps and mounted on marking label holders. There are four types of Group Markers available at Elmex.

On the other hand, warning label markers are used for identifying circuit connections.

End Clamps        

To firmly hold terminal blocks on mounting rails, End Clamps are used. End Clamps are available in different sizes, shapes and designs. End Clamps by Elmex are usually made of mild steel with dual plating or polyamide.

DIN Rail Channels

DIY Rail Channels are used for mounting terminal blocks control panels and circuit breakers. As dimensional accuracy of DIN Rail Channels plays an important role, gauging is conducted during the manufacturing process of DIN Rail Channels at Elmex.

Protection Covers

Protection Covers offer safety against electric shocks. When end points of terminals do not form perfect assembly and leaves the risk of electric shock, then Protection Covers are used.

Elmex is a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of Protection Covers.

End Plates and Barrier Plates

End Plates and Barrier Plates are two types of terminal block accessories available at Elmex. End plates are available in many colors.

Barrier Plates differentiates stack of terminal groups, provides separation between terminal blocks, and to widen space between appliances.

Terminal blocks of the same profile are insulated using end plates.

Interconnecting Links

Interconnecting Links are used to connect two or more terminal blocks as a substitute for lopping wire. Terminal blocks of the same potential can be connected with Interconnecting Links. Interconnected Links are also called shorting links.

Elmex offers Interconnecting links.

For any requirement of rail mounted terminal blocks, din rail mounted terminal blocks and din rail mounted terminal blocks, feel free to contact Elmex now. Their head office is located in Makarpura, Vadodara.

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