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5 Tips for Styling your Space with Vintage Lanterns

Press Release: March 15, 2021

Simple, elegant, and mysterious, vintage lanterns are beautiful home decor accessories that illuminate your space enhancing the decorative quotient in your home. You can use lanterns in multiple ways for decorating your home. The best part about antique lanterns is that they can be used as a decorative accent with or without a candle. Their designs add a beautiful aesthetic element to space, which blends in with a variety of decor accents, making them perfect for traditional as well as modern homes. From being an illuminator in the corners to a centerpiece on a coffee table or decor element on the mantel or console, lanterns instill a literal and figurative light to your abode. 
We have listed some tips that you can use for styling vintage lanterns in different nooks and hooks of your home.

 5 Tips for Styling your Space with Vintage Lanterns 

1. Welcome your guests with a Glowing Entryway 

Your entryway is the very first rendezvous between your home and guests. Most of us spend a lot of thought and effort in designing the decor of our entrance. You can display lanterns on your entryway console table or hang them from its ceiling to add a dramatic effect. Combining lanterns with mirrors can be used for creating a beautiful decor ensemble. Mirrors will help reflect the light from the lantern and make your space look more bright and welcoming.

2. Create Table Centerpieces with Lanterns

Vintage lanterns have been used as table centerpieces for generations now. You can display it on your modern tablescape with a couple of small vases to create a Victorian feel in your dining space. Lanterns are visually appealing, however, they don't distract people from conversations; rather they set the mood for deeper conversations, making them a considerably good fit for coffee tables, as well. Bunched alongside other decorative elements like planters, home decor accents, and books, these natural flickers can highlight their details. The key to creating a beautiful tablescape with antique lanterns is to decorate the surface without making it look crowded – so use small and limited accents for decoration.

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3. Illuminate the Corners

The corners in our home tend to look very dull because of shadows. Lanterns are a great way to brighten up the space between walls and furniture and act as an accentuating element for the home. You can display it on your side table next to a sculpture to highlight its meticulous detailing or display it alone to create a minimalistic look. Natural light from these flickers makes the space look more lively, which is why they are also called scene setters – so place some vintage lanterns in every corner of your home during a gathering and create a cozy atmosphere in your space.  

4. Hanging on Hooks

Hanging the lanterns on the hooks can help you create a stunning eye-catching display in your home. You can hang them on each side of your hallways or at the symmetrical ends of a table to create a unique but charming display with vintage lanterns. 

You can also hang the lanterns from the ceilings like chandeliers for creating Victorian-inspired decor. It will add a mysterious and gothic charm to your decor that will definitely earn you some compliments. 

5. Create a Candle Light Dinner Table Outdoor

If you have a big balcony or open terrace then you can consider using lanterns for creating a romantic dining area outside. Display the lantern as a centerpiece on your table and hang some around the table to illuminate light in the growing darkness of night and have a romantic dinner with your partner or friends under the light of the lantern. 

Incorporate these tips in your home decor, and let us know how you like to decorate your home with vintage lanterns!


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