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5 Summer Time Smoothie Recipes for Breakfast

Press Release: March 27, 2020

How about starting your summer days with a glass of smoothie? Cold, filling and delicious – smoothies with right ingredients make the perfect summer breakfast. You can always add a slice of toast to the smoothie using a toaster. If you haven’t tried smoothies as summer breakfast, do try the following smoothie recipes recommended by Boss Appliances LLP.

Using Boss Appliances LLP kitchen appliances like Mixer Grinder, Juice extractor and food processor makes smoothie preparation faster and joyful.

Banana Smoothie

Going by the name don’t presume this as a mere banana and milk mix. To enhance the taste of your banana smoothie, blend some cheesecake with a hand blender. Add the blended cheesecake along with small banana pieces and sugar in a mixer grinder and swirl. Your banana smoothie is ready.

Chocolate Smoothie

The list of ingredients is a little long for the chocolate smoothie but it tastes great. You need to mix chocolate syrup, choco chips, ice, milk, sugar and chocolate syrup in your food processor for a minute to make this chocolate smoothie.

Strawberry Smoothie

To prepare a glass of strawberry smoothie, you need to combine strawberry, lettuce, beet, banana in your mixer grinder. Chop all the fruits and veggies to a small size so that the smoothie gets its desired consistency. This red color smoothie will add to your summer freshness.

Green Smoothie

As the name says, all ingredients of this summer smoothie for breakfast are green in color. The ingredients are green apple, mint, avocado, and cucumber. Just for some sweetness add a spoon of honey. Blend it nicely in your food processor and have it with some munchies for a good start of your day.

Cornflakes Smoothie

This special smoothie recipe by Boss Appliances LLP starts with grinding the cornflakes to a powder form. Once done, add the corn flakes powder, milk, sugar, vanilla essence and chocolate syrup to your mixer grinder and blend for little more than a minute. Your smoothie is ready. Decorate it some corn flakes only.


The very important requirement to make any of these smoothies or summer special juices is to have the right kitchen appliance - mixer grinder, food processor or juice extractor. Boss Appliances LLP offers all of these modern kitchen appliances at an affordable rate and with quality assurance. Order now.

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