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5 Student-Friendly Features in Vizyy

Press Release: November 07, 2020

Vizyy is an online e-learning portal with feature-rich options encouraging online education for students from nursery to university level classrooms in India. Vizyy is available in both website and app mode facilitating students to study anytime, anywhere.

In this blog, let’s learn about 5 student-friendly features in Vizyy that makes it the best in the market:

Unlimited Updated Content Resources

Enormous volume of study materials is available on Vizzy that are constantly updated to offer students latest data only.  Starting from sixth standard, Vizyy has study materials for online test series for neet 2021, online test series for JEE MAINS 2021, online test series for AIIMS 2021, online test series for JEE Advanced 2021. Education content resources are available in both free and paid access of Vizyy. In fact students can avail discounts and order books at Vizyy.

Personalized Learning Experience

 Studying through Vizyy is exactly like classroom experience. Vizyy lets students to learn at their own pace using best study materials, interacting with best teachers and have one on one doubt clearing sessions.

Direct Interaction with Teacher

Using live lecture feature on Vizyy, students can interact with the teachers.  Live lectures can also be saved for future reference in the form of Recorded Lecture.

 Online Tests and Assessment

Online test and assessment can be conducted on Vizyy with time limits, negative marking, language choices, exam instructions and instant marking options. Students can participate in online test and assessment in both Vizyy app and portal.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Vizyy propagates learning anytime, anywhere for students. In the Vizyy app, students can access study materials, get in touch with best teachers and apply for online tests based on their personal requirements (age, class, language and time).

If you are a student and want to explore the best of Vizyy, feel free to download the app now.

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