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5 Star Shopping Mall UK: Incredible Offer! Great Discounts

Press Release: December 07, 2009

London, UK The festive season is here and consumers are spending oodles of money to make the occasion special. The hunt for the best deals is constantly on. The discount coupons and vouchers available at 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk come as a boon to online shoppers in UK. The launch of the 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk only means that UK consumers too will enjoy such irresistible discounts.

5StarShoppingMall.co.uk is updated at frequent intervals to ensure that consumers get the latest discount vouchers. The main advantage of using 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk to look for vouchers is that the various discount coupons can be compared and the best deal can be chosen. Seeing all the coupons at once allows consumers to make the right choice.

Apart from coupons and vouchers, free delivery can also be availed from 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk. On purchasing certain items or purchasing over a certain amount, the free delivery offers can be availed. These discount coupons are valid for a limited period of time. Online buyers in UK should regularly check the website for updates. The free delivery vouchers are very useful in letting consumers save time and energy. Gone are the days when people would have to make their way through the crowds and stand in long queues in shops. With the internet in almost every household, shopping from the comfort of ones home is the new trend. There is also no need to pay extra charges for getting the items delivered with the free delivery coupons given out by 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk.

The site offers discount coupons from big names like Dell, Thomas Cook, Isabella Oliver, Tesco, Marks and Spenser, John Lewis, Vodafone and many more. All the brands are categorized alphabetically, making it easier for potential buyers to make the selection. 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk has tempting discount vouchers from hotels, travel agents, airlines, mobile phone and computer manufacturers.

The UK retailers offering discount vouchers are categorized under heads like Footwear, Bridals, Plus Size, Electronics, Travel, Watches etc. consumers can also select the stores by their names as enlisted under the Top Stores section. There is a different section for free delivery vouchers so that consumers do not have to raid the entire site to look for them. With 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk, convenience is the name of the game.

About 5StarShoppingMall.co.uk

5 StarShoppingMall.co.uk is the ultimate directory for a variety of discount coupons and vouchers for UK online shoppers. They make it easier for UK online shoppers to locate the best deals and the highest discounts for their online purchase. They offer the latest discounts from a host of national and international brands. Visit http://www.5starshoppingmall.co.uk

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