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5 Reasons why people in their 20s should read “Harp”

Press Release: May 24, 2017

People in their 20s are at a stage in their life, where they are dealing with an array of emotions, it is during this time they face endless questions on love, life, and their future. There is a lot of uncertainty, confusion going on in their outlook towards life. To identify with these emotions “Harp” –a deeply entertaining novel authored by Mr Nidhi Dalmia is a refreshing love story which tugs at the heartstrings of every 20 year old. Here are the top 5 reasons why people in their 20s should read “Harp.”
1. Universal theme
The basic premise of the novel is set in the era of the late sixties encompassing its ambience and spirit, but despite being set in a previous context the novel beautifully captures readers attention with its theme and exploration of ideas every adult goes through at some point in their life. Harp poses and answers questions on universal ideas on love, life, longing and sacrifice. Readers in their 20s can relate to this novel because at the core of the novel it is a coming of age story where the main protagonists mature, realize their dreams and experience the beauty of love.
2. Incites you to follow your passion
One of the main characters of the book, a girl named Lauren a Polish musician is a remarkable role model for young adults as she follows her dream and passion of singing, which is her dream despite the hurdles and obstacles she faces to realise it in life. Many people in their 20s hide or subdue their passion due to various reasons such as family pressure, society norms, the initial struggle and so on. Many Indian young adults are pressurized and coerced to follow the crowd by becoming a doctor, engineer etc. Inspite of that the character of Lauren inspires people to realise their dreams and goals by not backing down due to society’s pressure.
3. The thrill of solo travelling
The novel “Harp” takes the readers on a beautiful and breath-taking journey to unknown and lesser travelled parts of Europe, USA and India. Through these different locations the author explores the complexities and relationship between the 3 main protagonists. Predominantly, the character of Ashok who for the first time explores different parts of the world and how he learns about new cultures, tradition, music makes the readers themselves feel a part of his journey and inspires them to travel solo and be at peace and serenity at these beautiful parts of the world. The book wonderfully captures and describes the thrill and joy of solo travelling one should experience at first glance in life.
4. Love can happen more than once
The book delves deep into the realities of real life which young adults today can relate to. Love as a concept has been wishfully engraved in our minds that it can happen only once. That is not entirely true; love can happen more than once, as we grow and mature we realise that love cannot be typecast into only occurring once. There may be multiple love stories in an individual’s life and that is a part of growing up and a fact of life. Mr Dalmia wonderfully executes this concept where many young adults can easily identify and relate to.
5. It is never too late
The book inspires and gives hope to readers that it is never too late in your life to follow your dreams, goals and passion. Besides on the aspect of following your passion the novel also encourages and influences readers that it is never too late to live life to its fullest potential they desire and it’s not too late to dream big and find love.

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