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5 reasons to choose P P Savani University for Liberal Arts and Management education

Press Release: July 20, 2020

The beauty of P P Savani University liberal arts and management education is that students gain skills and ways of thinking they can take to any career path. The School of Liberal Arts and Management will teach the skills needed to work in teams and succeed, to think critically and explore different perspectives, to write persuasively, to analyse with precision, and to develop high order reasoning and autonomous thought.


This is where a three-year Undergraduate Honours course or a five-year integrated Post Graduate course in Liberal Arts and Management education from P P Savani University will come in handy and prepare the students for any exigencies that may arise tomorrow. To specialize, at P P Savani University they will be exposed to fundamentals of 15 varied disciplines namely English, Hindi, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Mass Communication, Psychology, Economics, Regional Development, Politics & Policy, History, Sociology, International Relations, Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Marketing, HR, Finance, Wealth Management and Computing Accountancy in the first year and can Major in any one of their choice.


Here are 5 reasons why you should pursue a degree in Liberal Arts and Management from P P Savani University-


1.        Career and Business oriented Majors

Very few universities offer an option of selecting majors while pursuing a Liberal Arts and Management degree in India, whereas, P P Savani University offers a mix of career and business-oriented options that include wealth management, marketing, business studies, regional development and international relations.


P P Savani University is the country’s first that allows you to do so. However, if you are in favour of Humanities over Business Major, you are welcome to choose from Psychology, Philosophy, Politics & Policy, etc. Hence, the program is idiosyncratic and designed in such a way that it enables a student to study multiple courses from different fields to get a holistic, interdisciplinary education that helps develop all-round personality, making one a desirable candidate during corporate hiring.


2.        Quality meets the value

P P Savani University offers this course at a value for money proposition, as compared to other analogous programs offered at other universities. Not only is the program being offered at P P Savani University very comprehensive, it also has lower fees as compared to similar programs being offered by other Universities in India.


3.        Flexible and Interdisciplinary for a reason

School of Liberal Arts and Management students are crazy-smart, creative thinkers determined to make a difference in the world. We make the most of all that potential by offering exceptional flexibility in our curriculum. It’s easy to pair majors and minors from different fields to get a holistic, inter-disciplinary education that helps develop all-round personality, making one a desirable candidate during corporate hiring.


We also value an interdisciplinary focus in all we do, from research to education. In fact, our program is designed specifically to be responsive to students whose interdisciplinary interests aren’t easily fulfilled within our normal offerings. The electives also include courses in Family Business and Entrepreneurship, which help impart requisite skills to expand a family business or launch a new start up. This blurring/crossing/mixing of traditional academic boundaries often leads to great insight and discovery.


4.        Exhaustive learning

Undergraduate research is a core value at P P Savani University, and we offer research opportunities to students in all majors. There is no better way to learn, explore and advance in this field of study than to conduct research and immerse in the methods, philosophy and questions of chosen discipline. It’s a great way to get ready for graduate school or for first job.


5.        Magnificent infrastructure

With comprehensive curriculum imparted by richly experienced faculty team, P P Savani University’s 100-acre campus has cutting edge technology & magnificent infrastructure- comparable to the best in the world. The chic, campus of this University - located on NH8 is an information technology backbone for seamless integration with ultra-modern AC classrooms and halls of residence for students; an excellent library with unmatched brilliance and aesthetics, fitness center, recreational facilities, to name a few. A food court built to the highest standards of hygiene with a healthcare center, and many more features that provide a unique learning and living experience to all residents.


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