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5 Quick Facts about Nitric Acid

Press Release: October 28, 2020

Nitric acid is a colorless corrosive mineral acid and is basically used as a reagent in nitration process and as a laboratory protic solvent. It is also called as aqua fortis. A conjugate acid of a nitrate - Nitric Acid is produced by the reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water. Nitric acid is widely used in the fertilizers and explosives industry.

In this blog post, Palvi FZE as one of the best Nitric acid manufacturers in Sri Lanka explains 5 quick facts about Nitric Acid:

Nitric acid types

Commonly available Nitric acid usually has a concentration of 68% HNO3. Nitric acid has both thermal and light decomposition.

The second type of nitric acid available in the market is fuming nitric acid containing 98% HNO3. Fuming nitric acid is used in the explosive industry.

Nitric acid property and usage

Even at ambient temperature, Nitric acid is strong. For some acids like sulfuric acid, nitric acid can act as a base. Its acid base properties make nitric acid very popular. Nitric acid is also used in organic oxidation to manufacture terephthalic acid and other organic compounds.

The freezing and boiling point of nitric acid is −42 °C [−44 °F] and 83 °C [181 °F] respectively.

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Nitric acid reactions

The important reactions of Nitric Acid are neutralization with ammonia in formation of ammonium nitrate; in fertilizer industry; nitration of glycerol and toluene; formation of explosives like nitroglycerin and trinitrotoluene (TNT); manufacturing of nitrocellulose; oxidation of metals to the corresponding oxides or nitrates.

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Nitric acid uses

Nitric acid is vast demand by the fertilizer industry. Manufacturing of explosives such as nitrobenzene derivatives, dinitrotoluene derivative, and TNT derivatives also need good portion of nitric acid. Nitric acid is used in the production process of many chemical intermediates as well.

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