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5 Pro Tips for Selling Heavy Machinery Online

Press Release: June 24, 2020

The state of the auto industry is a mess, with sales down to their lowest in what seems like forever. People cannot go out and shop. They cannot see vehicles in the showroom or test drive them. Vehicles are such a big investment that buying blind is not something many want to risk.

5 Ways to Sell Your Plant Online From the Experts

All of these issues are compounded when the vehicle you are trying to sell is heavy machinery, rather than a family car. You need to pull out all the stops to sell online successfully.

We are experts at selling heavy machinery online, and we want to help you sell your heavy machinery to a buyer ASAP. With these top tips for selling plant online, you’ll reach a wider audience and entice them with great copy.

1. Sell Your Heavy Machinery Through GetPlant’s Sales Portal

Skip the hassle of trying to sell your machine on your own website, especially if that is not what your business does. If you offer a service then people aren’t going to visit you to buy your used equipment.

It is far more effective to use our online sales portal to sell your heavy machinery. You will be able to advertise to people actively looking for heavy machinery in South Africa, boosting the chances of getting your heavy machinery sold faster.

2. Create an Email Lead List

Though having a listing on GetPlant is a great place to start, marketing is still important. The first place to start with your marketing efforts is undoubtedly with an email list. Contact any subcontractors or those in the business that you know about and let them know of your listing on our sales portal. As they know you, and possibly even know the machine you are selling, they are the first people you should advertise to.

3. Improve Your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is useful if you intend to sell multiple machines over time. Perhaps you are phasing out your old fleet for a new one. In this case, you will want to create pages on your own website, even if you don’t facilitate your sale yourself. This way, you have multiple pages you can aim to rank for, and boost the chances of a sale in the long-term.

4. Use PPC Marketing

Of course, if you only have one machine that you want to sell fast, then PPC marketing is the best method. You will be able to get your listing at the top of a search engine like Google. You will want to be careful about this; certain keywords will attract buyers at different stages. Some might just be looking for information; others might be looking to buy. You need to buy the keywords that people are using to buy, and then direct them to your listing on GetPlant.

5. Use Social Media Marketing

There is a very active community of industry-specialists who are actively looking for heavy machinery at a great deal. Finding these communities and posting your listing from GetPlant can generate interest from people who are actively looking. In some cases, you may want to pay for advertising, but so long as you find the right communities full of people buying and selling plants, you should be able to post for free.

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