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5 Major Challenges Facing the Indian eSports Industry

Press Release: June 06, 2020

Esports is a rapidly growing industry in India. There is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding the sport and it is rapidly rising in prominence. However, there are also some very significant hurdles it needs to cross. Here are the biggest hurdles the Indian eSports industry must overcome in 2020:

5 Hurdles for the Indian eSports Industry in 2020

1              Formal Recognition

Despite the popularity of PubGM and other mobile games, gaming is still not recognised as a sport. Even though companies like NODWIN Gaming has made strides in these areas through ESL events, much remains to be done. In 2020, gamers and eSports companies will need to strive to bring the industry to the forefront. Online streaming platforms like NimoTV are leading the charge towards mainstream recognition.

2              Government Involvement

Governments have been supporting eSports events across the world for at least a few decades now. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why the Chinese eSports industry has risen up so quickly. In India, eSports are still not on the government’s attention list. If the industry is to grow then all parties involved must get the government’s attention and support. The best way for this is through online gaming streaming services like NimoTV and others.

3              Corporate Investment

NODWIN gaming, Nazara Tech and JetSynthesys are the most popular companies in the Indian eSports arena. Many of them focus on mobile games from ludo to PubGM. Meanwhile, platforms like NimoTV are offering a dedicated media to broadcast PubGM streams. If the eSports area is to grow, corporates must take the charge from the front.

4              Strategic Promotion

Along with the factors above, companies must start promoting Indian eSports and related events to the international market. This has already begun over the past 3 years but now is the time to step things up. With the growing imminence of 5G connectivity, eSports and mobile gaming will be more popular than ever.

5              Cultural Cleanup

India has a bad reputation for being unsafe for foreigners, especially women. Further, online bullying and toxic behaviour are common. If Indian eSports are to emerge in the global arena, then the culture needs an overhaul with international standards of conduct put in place. This is one of the key softpoints which will make Indian eSports viable for international audiences. Both gamers and sponsors should use online forums and streaming platforms like NimoTV to discuss and develop a harmonious gaming culture.

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