Press Release: October 27, 2020

Piping components in a piping system are interconnected using flanges. There are many types of flanges available in the market.  Metal flanges and steel pipe flanges are most popular kinds of flanges particularly noted for their easy repair and maintenance facility.

Ablaze Lining is a Lined Reducing Flange manufacturer in Gandhinagar.

Ablaze Lining as one of the best Lined Reducing Flange manufacturers in Vadodara and Ahmedabad in Gujarat offers many kinds of lined pipes and fittings. They are known for offering best quality flanges in the market. Flanges can be used for industrial, commercial and residential purpose as well. 

One of the best offering by Ablaze Lining is Lined Reducing Flange. Lined Reducing Flange alters line size without any additional fitting. An alternative of Lined Reducing Flange is concentric butt weld reducer. The common and popular types of reducing flanges are threading reducing flange and slip on reducing flange.

Ablaze Lining is a supplier in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Reducing Flanges are particularly used when it comes connecting multiple different sized pipes. It is one of the economic options when it comes to choosing from wide range of flanges. The salient features of Reducing Flanges are as follows:

  1. Connects pipes of different sizes
  2. Available in different sizes for designated fluid pressure
  3. Better option than non-reducing flanges
  4. Connects pipes by gluing, welding or clamping
  5. Economical and popular
  6. Classes op to 2500

Ablaze Lining is a Lined Reducing Flange distributor in Vadodara.

Some popular types of flanges are weld neck, blind, slip on, lap joint, threaded, socket world and so on.

In India, ANSI ASME regulates all kind Flange markings.

Flanges are also classified according to classes. Some popular classes of flanges are 150, 300 and 600.

Ablaze Lining is a Lined Reducing Flange supplier in Gujarat.

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