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5 Basic Things You Need To Know About Mayuri Sarkar

Press Release: November 04, 2020

One of our 2020 Cover Girl on Passaro Feliz’s Winners, Mayuri Sarkar, just try to make official website for her fans. Before you wonder aloud, here are five things you need to know about the Indian Model Mayuri Sarkar.

Born in Siliguri, Mayuri Sarkar completed her education in Siliguri, and later went to Kolkata for modeling. In an interview with Hardik Talks, the Siliguri beauty said that modeling dream. “I want become a model and its not easy I know but this is my dream from my childhood. I had posted my photos on Instagram and than modeling agencies called me and I just done some photo shoot and after all photo shoots and some artists specially supported me and I really want to say Thanks to Mukesh Officials to supporting me as Friend and all team who want to see my name in Shining Lights.”

Hardik : As we know Mayuri Sarkar is Indian Model and Now Mayuri Tell me random 5 things about you.

Mayuri :

  1. I really hate fake peoples because I have found many fake people in my life.
  2. I don’t care what people think or say about me.
  3. I love to do party and go to party because I love making friends.
  4. I’m very happy with my happy soul.
  5. I can do anything for those who do something for me.

Thank you much Mayuri to share this things to public and we hope and good wishes for your bright future.

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