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 4 Vital writing tips to grasp whilst pursuing a web designing course

Press Release: July 22, 2020





Why designers need to concentrate on writing skills and tips?

A web designing course would tell one that coding and design are not the only proficiencies which are possessed by a designer.  In addition to that, there is another vital skill and that is of writing, the magic of attractive writing leaves an everlasting impact on the end-user. That’s one skill you should pick up while pursuing a web designing course.

        The 4 tips for excellent writing

       Following are 4 vital tips to make an everlasting and engaging impact for the end-user. They are:

  1. Always end your writing with a preposition

A web designing course would always tell designers to end their scripted content with a proposition. Although, English grammar rules warn everyone against ending their sentences with a preposition like about, for and from. Furthermore, it is said ending a sentence with a phrase or preposition sounds much more natural. Finally, designers could conserve a word when it comes to scripting headlines, UI copy, and tweets. This is a valuable tip amongst others given in a web designing course.

  1. Divide infinitives according to your wish


A web designing course would tell you an infinitive in English comes in two forms: one with the word ‘to’ preceding it as well as one without it. At this point of time, one can split the first form i.e. the form which has the word to preceding it or the to-infinitive. In this case, it can be split by the inclusion of an adverb.



  1. Replace the ‘is” with any other verb

A web designing course would agree with the fact that designers and writers have to describe the current state of a thing. However, the sad thing is that this infinitive’ to be’ unfortunately becomes a frequent habit for writers. The simple thing for designers is to give a thought on how they can replace this particular infinitive with better verbs. Or else, one can just give thought on how to avoid the word ‘is’ in the sentence.

  1. Avoid the word  ‘of’


A web designing course would suggest designers to avoid or entirely eliminate the word ‘of’. This would add to the friendliness as well as make the writing more conversational. Apart from that, it conserves space as well as a character count.



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