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4 Tips To Design A Beautiful And Functional Wardrobe

Press Release: November 07, 2018

Canterbury, Kent - It is a dream for many homeowners to build an everlasting closet that will contain every article of clothing they own for at least 10 years without ever sacrificing one piece. Sadly, this isn’t possible unless you have unlimited space inside the room, which for most isn’t the case.

Instead of accepting defeat and only limiting the number of clothes, it is possible to design a functional, spacious, and beautiful wardrobe with the help of joinery Kent professionals. Here’s how:

The Ergonomics

There is no point in having a beautiful wardrobe on the outside when the inside is complete and utter mess of impracticality. To make the most of the space and to make life easier for the user, make sure that all of the hangers are within reach. Clothing that is worn regularly should be situated in an area where they can be seen easily and taken out without much hassle.

Reaching for clothes shouldn’t be dangerous or require stretching. They should be located in an ideal spot that makes the wardrobe functional and useful.

Seasonal Clothing Storage

Work with joinery Kent professionals and design a wardrobe that makes full use of the space inside the room. Let the wardrobe occupy every inch, until it barely reaches the ceiling, with more than enough room to open the closet doors of course. Use the space up high to store seasonal clothing. This way you can easily keep all your winter wear out of sight until such time you need them again.

Have a step stool or small ladder ready. Hide it inside the closet, so that you can reach the top of the wardrobe without struggle.

Shelves And Drawers Of Different Sizes

During the designing process consider including shelves and drawers that come in different sizes. This allows you to store smaller pieces of clothing and even shoes in the right areas without leaving valuable space unused. Very deep closet shelves and drawers aren’t ideal as users end up piling clothes underneath that are forgotten and go unused.

Visibility Is Key

When designing a wardrobe that is both functional and beautiful, make sure that all the clothes stored inside the closet are visible. Arrange all of your clothes and shoes in such a way that every piece can be seen at a glance to ensure nothing is tucked away and out of sight. A sock or underwear drawer should come with separate compartments for each piece to ensure they can be worn regularly.

The Joys Of Custom-Built Wardrobes

Buying closets from the furniture store is easy, but it comes with a lot of pitfalls. The design of the wardrobe might not meet your room’s aesthetics or if it does, the space inside just isn’t enough for your needs. This is where companies like DB Specialist Joinery Ltd can help clients the most.

"Our multi-skilled and highly versatile workforce is capable of taking on a project of any type and seeing it through until completed. We will never over commit or make promises we cannot keep, if we say we can do it, we will!" - DB Specialist Joinery Ltd.

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