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4 tips to create a SEO friendly as well as responsive website

Press Release: July 18, 2020





What can designers do to create a responsive website?

  Designers often look for tips to create a SEO-friendly and responsive website. Hence, a web designing course briefs them on the various steps they can use to make it audience-friendly as well , Here are few tips covered in a web designing course as well as in this article.




  1. Design for a better responsivity

A web designing course would tell one to concentrate on the aim of providing responsive design. Let’s tell you what two things does a website do for SEO? They are:

  1. it acquires you the essential; “mobile-friendly” tag in search
  2. It helps offer a enhanced experience for everyone by providing similar content and functionality across every device

This would be taught in a web design course

  1. Do keyword research and produce content that helps the page land in Search Engine Result Pages(SERP)

          A web designing course would also inist on designers carrying out keyword research to find out what terms people search for that are relevant to a specific business. You could carry out this task in two ways. Designees could either do a Google search  use Google Trends or a Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner. Then, they are ready to craft SERP worthy content.


  1. Place the most important pages on the top in Google

A web designing course would tell one your most important pages are your top-level pages. For the reason that if an organization thinks that some pages are significant to them, then it is important to them too. The most important thing to ensure is that if pages that have to be ranked well o the search engine result pages, they cannot be lying in a folder below loads of pages . That can be learn in a web designing course

  1. Handle the subdomain cautiously

According to a web designing course, a s subdomain is a completely different website than your root domain. However, it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.  Even if a subdomain is popular, it may not have an impact directly into the core site’s SEO. Rather than that, it will carry out these tasks via the links that take people from the subdomain to your core site

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