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37pc of extra maths tuition dedicated to GCSEs

Press Release: September 18, 2015

Students studying for their GCSE qualifications dominate extra maths tuition lessons, as government proposals have now been enforced. From 2015, all students who failed to gain a C grade in either GCSE English or maths, must continue studying the subject until they’re 18.

And it appears parents and students are seeking the assistance of extra-curricular lessons to achieve this result. Research from online tuition centre Maths Doctor revealed over 37% of people requiring maths help were of GCSE age.

40% of GCSE students failing English and maths

The government is keen to promote the two core subjects of English and maths and following the Wolf Report in 2013, made a decision to act on the failing standards. Staggeringly, in the UK over 40% of Year 11s fail to achieve a C grade in English and maths.

Hannah Bickerton, Business Manager at Maths Doctor, said: “It’s no surprise to find a correlation between the number of GCSE students involved in maths tuition and the government changes.

“With the new regulations in place, parents and students alike have taken maths a lot more seriously and understand how their education and future choices will be affected without attaining a C grade at GCSE.

“With the growing popularity of apprenticeships, students need a C grade in both maths and English, so it’s no longer a case of ignoring the importance of these subjects should you fail at the first time of asking.”

Maths most difficult school subject

However, with maths widely regarded as the most difficult schooling subject, it’s not just GCSE students finding their sums difficult.

According to mathsdoctor.co.uk statistics, those studying for their AS Levels and pupils at Key Stage 2 development, take up over 13% of the volume apiece. Key Stage 2 is the technical term for students in Years 4, 5 and 6. Therefore, extra maths tuition is sought in the build-up to secondary school and in some cases, before the Kent Test or 11 Plus exam.

Maths Doctor research also uncovered a rise in adults seeking extra education in their mathematic skills, despite no longer being in full-time education.

Maths Doctor’s Hannah Bickerton said: “Although out of full-time education, more adults than ever before are changing careers and going back to some form of learning capacity, where their maths skills are once again put to the test.

“Maths is an important skill to have in many walks of life, so in order to further your career and get the most from your future you’ll need a good level of mathematics.”

Notes to editors

www.mathsdoctor.co.uk is the proud winner of the Private Tutoring Company 2014 award from EducationInvestor magazine. We give students the ideal support to help them improve and excel in maths.

Every student is matched to the perfect tutor for them and provided with one-to-one tuition in everything from Key Stage 1, all the way through to university studies and adult education.

Our study outlined in this press release is from 6,348 maths tuition leads from July 1, 2014 to August 28, 2015.

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