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£300 million wasted on unreturned items bought each year.

Press Release: February 05, 2010

A new study undertaken by www.offerssupermarket.co.uk a newly launched shopping website asked 2,115 consumers about their spending habits.

They asked how often shoppers returned unwanted clothes and found that 96% admitted they did not bother taking back all unwanted purchases, leaving many languishing unused products in cupboards and ill fitting clothing at the bottom of wardrobes with the tags still on.

The average amount of money spent per person that what not refunded was £100 a year which leads to a figure of at least £300 million that is wasted each year by shoppers on unwanted items.

67% of those asked admitted it was sheer laziness that stopped them going back to the shops to get refunds on clothing that was unsuitable, with a further 45% saying that when they spent less money on purchases, such as items in the sales they were less inclined to go and get refunds or exchanges if they decided they did not like it.
32% blamed online shopping, stating that posting an item to be refunded was not worth the hassle and that they would rather just keep it.

1 in 4 of those questioned opted to donate the item to charity, with 2 in 4 saying they prefer to give the unwanted item to a friend.

Eve Atkins, founder of Offers Supermarket, had this to say about the study;

I am shocked that so many people do not return unwanted products to the shops they purchase them from, choosing rather to lose the money. Personally, I always return items but understand that people do not always have the time or inclination to. When you think about what the money that is wasted through this could be spent on it's actually quite frightening.

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Offers supermarket is an online shopping site for most popular items from fashion to mobiles and holidays to TVs (and most things in between) many with offers or special prices attached.
Eve Atkins, the managing director of OffersSupermarket.co.uk has been in publishing for more than 20 years working in regional press and web

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