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3 Ways to Build Your Brand as an Actor With Patricia Maria Contreras La Creme

Press Release: October 21, 2020


Thinking of yourself as a business can be bizarre for an actor. Nobody ever taught us this in our BFA programs, right?

This isn’t a traditional way of thinking for an actor. But the reality is that actors ARE a business, therefore it's imperative we focus on building a brand for ourselves.

It’s important to understand that not everyone is your competition because not everyone has what you have to offer. It's a gift we were all created uniquely with different gifts and talents. This is why getting specific with your branding is so vital in order to thrive in the industry.

First of all, building your company in the acting world means building your acting career. Your acting career is the company and YOU are the product.

How do you build your brand as an actor? Follow these steps:

1. Define your identity 

 Knowing what you want and what you represent is the first step in building your brand as an actor. By envisioning what and how you want your acting career to be, your “image” as an actor, you can start planning to make it a reality.

For example: I'm a Christian Latina actress who’s dream role is to play Queen Esther. With that information you know I like playing powerful regal roles that represent light, good and power. There is some sort of specificity in that description and a lot can be developed from there. I am not just a Latina actress and I am not just a Christian actress…there is a lot more to my brand that can be developed.

A brand is something that never stops evolving, so play with it! It’s not about limiting yourself to one thing but about becoming very detailed. With your company’s identity in mind, you can plan marketing strategies for your headshot, website, social media posts and it can even help you develop a character.

2. Figure out your product

The product is you. How are you showing up in the industry and does it represent you in the best way possible? In order for you to know the answer to that you have to look at your products. See what needs to change.

Your products are your headshots, demo reel, resume, business cards, website, etc. After you’ve spent some time defining your identity you can now determine whether your current headshot or demo reel represents you.

It’s not about having to change your headshot every 3 months or having to update your website every year. For example, McDonalds’ doesn’t change their logo every year because they know that once we see a big yellow M, we know its them. That is why branding is so important.

Finding that specific headshot or website color scheme that really represents your brand as an actor and sticking with it will really make a huge difference in your career. Taking the time to make these discoveries and know what you are offering is so vital to building the perfect brand.

3. Know your target audience 

An actor’s target audience is always casting directors, producers, show runners, writers, film makers or anyone in the industry that can get you a job. Once you specifically know what your brand is and where you are trying to go with it, then you will know who you would want to work with.

Your target audience are the people who work creating projects that are perfect for your brand. For example, if my brand as a Christian Latina represents royalty, light, goodness and Christ in some way…then I should be targeting Christian casting directors and Christian producers. Maybe even doing research on Latin production companies. Specificity is key.

You don’t just want to contact anyone who works in the industry. This is the time when you do your own research. Find out what new projects are being made right now that fit your brand as an actor and reach out to them! Aim high! There is no limit to where your company can go!

You want to connect with those who are working in projects you are passionate about, projects that represent who you are and what you love.


These are just 3 steps you can implement now that will defiantly make a difference in your acting career.

There is a lot more to building your brand as an actor than just these 3 steps. But this is enough to gain some clarity of where you stand in the industry.

If you need help building your brand as an actor, knowing who your target audience is or if you just want to learn more about starting your acting career, feel free to contact me.

I'm an actress myself and know how difficult this industry can be. I am devoted to helping others thrive and helping you find your voice through your brand would be a delight. I have an online acting program designed just for you to gain more faith in your career, your dreams and yourself! ❤


Patricia Maria ContrerasActress, Founder of Faith it Till You Make it online acting program and Acting Coach at La Creme.

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