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3 vital SEO tips for web designers covered in a web designing course

Press Release: July 23, 2020






         How web designers can make the website noticeable?

 A web designing course would also stress on the importance of knowing SEO basics for a web designer. These SEO tricks assist in including the keywords in relevant places in your website . As a result , one attracts the right target audience to the site. Finally, you can use techniques that prevent one from getting in trouble with google

         3 essential SEO tips for web designers

  1. Optimizing URLs, meta titles, and descriptions in a web designing course


A web designing course would tell you about the importance of optimization in URLs, meta titles, and descriptions. One needs to  use search engine optimization in all the right places such as titles, description, URL, H1s and H2s. This would be done while writing the content for the website. For the only reason that, it would be harder to optimize after writing and would only lead ton lead to mismatches between the target keyword and your page in reality





  1. Using 301 redirect explained in a web designing course

A web designing course would tell designers that they can re-design the website’s content and information architecture in order to bring the finest experience for users. However, they have to keep in mind that there is a huge disadvantage in this process. When they change site structure, they would end up deleting pages, or simply changing where these pages exist on the site. To conserve these pages , there’s the 301 redirect. In this process, designers have to redirect the old URL to a new one with the same content


  1. Applying the canonical tag

Designers would be told about a HTML tag called rel=canonical in a web designing course . This little tag confirms that google is aware of what URL represents the definitive version of a particular page or bit of content. For instance, an ecommerce site may sell a product that comes in various ranges and colors, thus these variations may produce a unique URL that brings the users to the same page. However, it may be a violation according to google : that of duplication of original content as it looks like the organization published many versions of similar content to increase the ranking . This can be solved by adding the rel=canonical to the latest version of that URL as a result ,one won’t be in trouble with Google

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