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3 Types of Vessels and Their Uses

Press Release: December 15, 2020

Vessels of different types are present in any kind of laboratories or science research centers. Ablaze Glass Works being the manufacturer and supplier of glass vessels used in research work in this blog post explains three top kinds of vessels available in India. All of these three kinds of vessels listed in this blog are offered by Ablaze Glassworks in India and abroad.

Glass Vessels

Though vessels made of different materials are available in the market, Ablaze Glassworks is known to offer glass vessels only. Glass vessels are known for their inertness, no reaction ability with other fluids and transparency that allows observing the fluids inside the glass vessel. There are many types of glass vessels available at Ablaze Glassworks who is also a glass vessel manufacturers in India.

Cylindrical Vessels

Cylindrical vessels simply implies when the shape of the vessel is cylinder like. Usually cylindrical vessels usually have a laboratory scale of 1 litre and production scale of 500 litres. Ablaze Glassworks offers cylindrical vessels with graduation against special order. Cylindrical vessels can be designed with glass or metal jacket for insulation. Ablaze Glassworks also offers spherical shape vessels. For temperature controlled reactions using vessels, heating baths and mantles are available.

Ablaze Glassworks is one of the top cylindrical vessel manufacturers in India.

Jacketed Vessels

Jacketed Glass Reactors it is a vessel within a glass jacket used for heating and cooling fluids. The vessel and glass jacket of a Jacketed Glass Reactor are never in contact. Jacketed Glass Reactor of Ablaze Glassworks is designed with a unique inlet and outlet for circulation of the fluid. Jacketed Vessels are also called the heart of any chemical system.

Ablaze Glassworks is one of the best jacketed vessels suppliers in Gujarat, India.

For further information about any kind of vessel or placing an order of the same, please contact Ablaze Glassworks.

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