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3 Tips To Ensuring Superior VoIP Call Quality

Press Release: August 20, 2020

As the use of VoIP grows in popularity among global enterprises, providers looking to maintain relevance throughout this expanding market must take steps to ensure they are able to deliver the high-quality services many businesses have come to expect. As a global leader in offering retail and wholesale VoIP termination services, BridgeVoice knows a thing or two about call quality assurance, utilizing our experience to the benefit of operators and carriers around the world. We believe that ensuring superior voice services is comprised of three elements – termination, routing and monitoring – each of which must be carefully and expertly executed to deliver superior call quality.

Below, you will discover three vital tips to making sure your call quality is top-notch in order to attract and retain VoIP customers.

Reduce the Distance Between Operators and Subscribers

A major concern of Wholesale VoIP providers is having too many carriers through which a call will travel before terminating. Extensive distance and multiple hops cause call quality to quickly deteriorate while simultaneously distributing the margin among various operators. Read More.

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