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3 Health Hazards of Pigeon Infestation

Press Release: March 27, 2020

Neither you touch a pigeon nor you pet it, still a victim of pigeon infestation – how? Well, diseases from pigeons get transmitted through their droppings. Pigeon droppings accumulate, dry out, become a powder and get mixed in the air. When this is inhaled by human beings it can lead to 60 varieties of health hazards caused by pigeon droppings filled with harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Understanding that pigeons are potential sources of harmful human diseases, there is an increased use of advanced pigeon control methods particularly by property owners to protect their health and premises.

In this blog by Pigeono, an authentic bird control product manufacturer in Gujarat, India let’s look at the 5 health hazards of pigeon infestation:


Symptoms - Convulsions, Hallucinations, Drowsiness, Seizures

Pigeons along with mosquitoes can cause Encephalitis. Mosquitos feed on pigeons carrying this virus and then, bites a human being. Encephalitis can pass on. Ticks can also transfer Encephalitis among human beings. Thus, to protect yourself you need to use advanced pigeon repellant devices and along with mosquito control methods.


Symptoms - Cough, Headache, Fever, and Lung Infection

Psittacosis can happen due to both pigeon infestation in your house or from your pet bird. Psittacosis happens due to airborne inhalation of feather dust, dried feces, or the respiratory secretions of infected birds. It is also called as Parrot Fever. There are often cases of person-to-person Psittacosis transmission as well.


Symptoms - Itching and irritation in genitals, red rash, white lesions on the tongue or inner mouth

Very common among women, Candidiasis is caused by a kind of yeast called Candida. Candidiasis usually affects the mouth and throat of an individual. This health hazard caused by pigeon infestation can also affect the respiratory system, skin, intestines, and urogenital tract.

Alone getting rid of pigeons can help to combat the wasting your time on home remedies for pigeon infestation, simply above listed diseases, get in touch with Pigeono team. Pigeono is an ISO 9001:2008 certified bird control product manufacturer and bird repellent devices producer promoting pigeon control methods across the country. None of the Pigeono product or service hampers or kills the innocent birds.

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