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2b Acting’s first selective interactive video game, Space Vorilex

Press Release: April 08, 2020

On 2 April 2020, Yorkshire based digital media and theatre company, 2b Acting, released their first selective interactive video game, Space Vorilex, on their online platform, InView.

Space Vorilex is a first-person adventure series where the viewer plays the role of A.I. unit Janus. An artificial intelligent being created by the Human Survival Agency (HSA) with a mission to save the human race.

An expanding universe
Over the coming months, the company will be adding new story paths to Space Vorilex expanding the universe for A.I. unit Janus to explore. This method of expansion allows different writers and creators to get involved with the production. The viewer can encounter new worlds, stories, and characters as they navigate their way to the end of the mission.

Pushing creativity
The series is an excellent example of what can be done with Selective Interactive Videos. You would need an advanced game engine and months of coding to produce a game design to match the quality of videos used in Space Vorilex. Using Selective Interactive Videos to make games stretches the creativity of those in the film production loop. The writers, directors, actors, etc. all have to think differently to produce engaging scenarios for viewers. The reward is a new market, expanding opportunities.

A financial gold-mine
Space Vorilex is great news for independent video producers. It is proof that the video production marketing can be more than creating short films and features. With the crossover into gaming, it can be a financial gold-mine and turn independent production projects into real investments. A little more than just festival success or accolades.

The power of Selective Interactive Videos
2b Acting is pleased that Space Vorilex is showing how different videos can be. You cannot just watch this video. It really makes use of the two-way communication these videos provide. With the launch of Today and Tomorrow: Interactive last month and the coming release of the Witch Trinity motion comic next month, the company feels the possibilities of this new technology is finally being understood.

“Our range of selective interactive videos is diverse, and we are pleased they are
now getting the attention they deserve.”, says 2b Acting. “We are only limited by our
creativity and can’t wait to really start the roll-out of this technology. We are proud to
be leading in this field.”

To experience Space Vorilex visit 2b Acting’s official website.

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