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25 years of Eastenders but who is the best loved character?

Press Release: February 17, 2010

Friday marks the 25th anniversary of popular British soap Eastenders, with a half hour live special episode.

To commemorate the occasion, the UKs leading takeaway website www.Just-Eat.co.uk asked 2,310 members of the public to list the character theyd most like to have a takeaway with, in the style of the age old who would you invite to a dinner party question.

When asked the multi-answer question, Which Eastenders characters from the last 25 years would you most like to share a takeaway meal with?, Shane Richies Alfie Moon, who first appeared in 2002 topped the poll with 42% of votes. The study was entirely hypothetical, and as such included characters which may no longer be alive.

Wellard, primarily owned by Robbie Jackson and Gus Smith was introduced to the show in 1994, and ranked as the 5th most popular character to share a takeaway with.

1. Alfie Moon 42%

2. Kat Slater 36%

3. Nigel Bates 34%

4. Grant Mitchell 33%

5. Wellard the Dog 30%

6. Peggy Mitchell 29%

7. Arthur Fowler 26%

8. Dot Cotton 25%

9. Ethyl Skinner 22%

10. Pat Butcher 20%

The poll also asked respondents to list the characters they loved to hate, with Janine Butcher, who has been portrayed by Rebecca Michael, Alexia Demetriou and most recently Charlie Brooks topping the list of the soaps most hated, with nearly three quarters of the public saying listing her as their least favourite character.

Half of the respondents said theyd least like to share a takeaway meal with Ian Beale, played by Adam Woodyatt the longest serving character on the soap.

Just-Eat.co.uk asked the public, Who would you least like to share a takeaway with?. Here are the top ten most disliked characters from the shows history:

1. Janine Butcher 73%

2. Dirty Den Watts 65%

3. Trevor Morgan 63%

4. Nasty Nick Cotton 62%

5. Lucas Johnson 58%

6. Archie Mitchell 57%

7. Steve Owen 53%

8. Ian Beale 50%

9. Frank Butcher 41%

10. James Wilmott-Brown 39%

The study also asked the respondents who they thought killed Archie Mitchell, the subject of Eastenders current whodunnit storyline, coming to an end with Fridays live episode.

49% of people think Stacey Slater is the murderer, whilst 23% thought Sean Slater was to blame. Janine Butcher is the killer according to 14% of people, with young Ben Mitchell behind the death in the minds of 11% of the respondents. Peggy Mitchell is the outside guess, with 3% saying they thought she did it.

David Buttress, UK Managing Director of Just-Eat had the following to say,

The most hated list reads like a takeaway gathering itd actually be quite fun to attend!

Our research shows that Just-Eats takeaway loving users are traditionally huge soap fans who tend to order online whilst they watch shows like Eastenders and Coronation Street, so we thought itd be a lot of fun to see the characters they both loved and loved to hate.

He continued,

The live episode this Friday is a momentous occasion for the show everybody is talking about who killed Archie and Im sure it wont disappoint!

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