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24CashFinances Announces Fresh Deals on Self Employed Business Loans

Press Release: December 24, 2020

December 24, 2020, London: 24cashfinances, one of the most prominent direct lenders in the UK, has recently announced the new loan deals, especially for struggling businesses. It will bring self-employed business loans for bad credit and no guarantor, on flexible terms and conditions, including competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

As the responsible credit provider in the UK, 24cashfinances has been the provider of various loan options, particularly the doorstep loans like cash loans, pay weekly loans, and many more. In recent times, it has emerged as the leading provider of Text Loans. With the self-employed loans in the UK, it will expand its lending wings in the region with immediate effect.

By talking about the purpose of bringing these loan deals in the coming time, Emma Anderson, the senior financial author, said, "We are not among those credit providers in the UK who want to target only one or two financial aspects of the borrowers. Instead, we want to focus on every aspect of financial assistance. Therefore, our company has decided to offer much-needed financial assistance to the businesses established in the UK."

She further said that the companies, particularly the start-up ones, need sufficient funding backup, especially after affecting badly by the ongoing COVID 19. With new strains of the virus coming up in the country, the businesses will suffer more. As the government is already helping them with business bounce back loans, we have also planned to bring such funding help for the start-ups with the particular name of self-employed business bounce back up loans.

The key features of these loans are:-

  • The business owners do not need to worry about their past credit mistakes because those will not make too much impact.
  • The loan approval will be based upon the company's current credit performance and the repayment capacity of the borrowers.
  • There will not be any guarantor's need to seek approval if the repayment capacity is sufficient throughout the term.
  • The business owners can avail the amount from £1000 to £25000 without the guarantor and bad credit, but they need to show their last six months' income proofs.

The interest rates may be higher than usual on loans for bad credit with no guarantor for the self-employed people. However, the convenience of applying is always there due to the online lending procedure.

About the Company

24cashfinances is the right online lending hub for those looking for the urgent need of funds. With the largest network of cash-at-the-door services all over the UK, it provides several ways to apply for loans like doorstep facility, sending applications through mobile text, and applying despite the bad credit score.

The direct lender in the UK is mostly preferred for its soft credit check process, allowing loans only on the borrowers' affordability. It first analyses the borrowers' financial condition and income capacity, then the loan deals are framed. For more information, you can visit the official website of the company, i.e. 24cashfinances.com.

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