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247 Home Rescue proud to announce support of charity 'Water Fall'

Press Release: May 19, 2015

247 Home Rescue, a boiler, appliance and home emergency cover provider, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Water Fall charity.

Water Fall aims to deal with the international water crisis by building support structures such as pumps, wells and water filtration systems where they are needed the most.

Commenting, Hassan Khonat, 247 Home Rescue Operations Director, said:

"One billion people will wake up this morning to face another day without enough clean water to drink, let alone for proper sanitation.

"The water crisis is a bigger threat than war, natural disasters and terrorism, and in the face of climate change and a growing world population, this problem is set to become even worse in the coming years and decades.

"The ongoing droughts in California show that the water crisis is no longer isolated to the developing world, and without urgent action, the crisis could soon reach the shores of the UK.

"If mankind is going to deal with this problem, it needs to redouble its efforts to bring clean water to needy communities. We hope our support of Water Fall helps the world to see a future where everyone has access to clean water for drinking and sanitation."

Water Fall is based in Leicester. It donates 100% of all donations to water projects and is currently involved in the building of an orphanage for needy children in Tanzania.

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