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2020’s FoodTech 500: Forward Fooding officially launches a new call for applications

Press Release: October 14, 2020


2020’s FoodTech 500: Forward Fooding officially launches a new call for applications

Applications are now open for 2020’s FoodTech 500. The full ranked list of winners will be released in February 2021. 

London, United Kingdom - Forward Fooding has officially launched a new call for applications for the 2020’s edition of the FoodTech 500, the ‘Fortune 500’ list of FoodTech companies. 

AgriFoodtech companies from around the world can apply to be included in the 2020 edition of the FoodTech 500 at forwardfooding.com/foodtech500. Inclusion is free of charge. 


The 2019’s edition of the FoodTech 500 has seen some of the most innovative AgriFoodTech companies topping the list including (amongst others):

So what would applicants stand to gain from being included in the official 2020’s FoodTech 500 list? FoodTech 500 winners gain access to a global network of industry stakeholders including Fortune 500 F&B companies, food tech investors, and other institutional investors as well as a platform for discussion, engagement, and networking with other food tech companies.


All the applications will be thoroughly reviewed by Forward Fooding’s team and the companies will be ranked using a proprietary scoring system.


The 2019’s edition of the FoodTech 500 achieved fantastic results including: 

  • 1,200+ applications from international AgriFoodTech startup and scaleup companies covering the whole value chain 
  • 54 countries represented (based on the companies who applied)
  • 15+ pieces of exclusive press coverage from specialist publications (including Food Navigator, Sifted, AgFunder amongst others);
  • 203,000+ page views and 24,000 unique visitors from 85 countries on the FoodTech 500 website (since February 2020)
  • 1.2M+ monthly readership across 150+ countries via media partnerships

For this year’s edition, Forward Fooding are issuing a global rallying call for all FoodTech innovators and disruptors to put themselves on the map and apply for their place on the list. After a thorough review of the applications through an exclusive methodology for shortlisting the applicants, Forward Fooding will then announce the winners. They will be this year’s 500 most inspiring AgriFoodTech businesses in the world shaping the future of food.  


On the occasion of the FoodTech 500 competition launch, Forward Fooding’s founder & CEO, Alessio D’Antino stated:


“We created the FoodTech 500 in 2019 to shine a spotlight on the leading global innovators across the AgriFoodTech ecosystem, from farm to fork, who are creating impactful solutions to better our food system. 


We are thrilled to launch a new edition of The FoodTech 500 to reinforce our ambition of making it the official Fortune 500 list of Food Tech, where we showcase the top industry players who are transforming food as we know it and give them the recognition that their pioneering work deserves.”


Applicants can apply here for their chance to be part of 2020’s FoodTech 500.


The competition starting date is the 1st of October 2020 and the application window will close on the 30th of November 2020


The shortlisted applicants will be announced in early December 2020 and the official 2020 FoodTech 500 list with all the ranked winners will be released on the 1st of February 2021.

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