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2020: It's all about Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

Press Release: April 07, 2020


A Great White Shark, lions & tigers beamed into your home-offices thanks to Google’s Augmented Reality (AR) search feature. Augmented Reality is here to help you cope with lockdown boredom.

What is Augmented Reality you ask? AR overlays digital content and information onto the physical world via your smartphone screen. It allows people to explore objects in 3D on their phone screen. It means you can see the scale of an object and more details up close that you can’t in a normal image. 

The pandemic has brought about a change in our lives with more people working from home and utilizing their mobile devices to shop for products they absolutely need (hello sofa and office chair) to convert their homes into workable environments and comforting spaces. 

Whilst shopping for furniture online is easy and with great financing options available customers still have unanswered questions when shopping online: Will this sofa fit in my living room? Will this wardrobe fit all of my stuff? Will this go with my colour scheme? Is that chair’s height adjustable? 

One of the biggest qualms for most customers when buying furniture online is the sheer effort it takes to measure an area to see whether a piece of furniture would fit and with complicated sizing guides, most customers end up buying products only to find that an item doesn’t fit and it has to be returned. 

Consumers are ‘visual buyers’ being able to see how large a wardrobe is to seeing colours in reality to identifying features, inspecting products are an ingrained trait with all shoppers, especially with high ticket purchases such as furniture or technology. 

Going back to the tigers and lions in my living room. Imagine you’re scrolling through your favourite retailer’s website, you really like this comfy sofa but you’re not sure if it fits in your living room. What if you could just click on a button and that sofa appears in your living room, letting you see whether it fits or not, no more measuring tapes or swatch orders necessary and you’re no longer stuck with a sofa waiting to be returned. 

Augmented Reality company Scapic helps e-commerce brands achieve just that with their Product Experience Management suite. With a few photographs of your product, their team can help create Augmented Reality enabled 3D models just like those on Google search, and a no-code embed like a YouTube video is added to your website and you are set. The easiest addition to ease customer qualms during the lockdown period and beyond. Scapic seems to be leading the charge with making Augmented Reality more accessible to brands, whilst helping them solve issues plaguing the e-commerce industry. The suite also supports iOS and Android natively on the web so buyers don’t need to leave the company’s website to view the AR images.

“With current lockdown measures in place, the majority of sales taking place online and changing buying behaviours, it is key that brands and businesses are able to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital,” says Sai Krishna VK, founder and CEO of Scapic. “That’s what we’re here for we want to bring the in-store experience to the customer’s fingertips to enhance the convenience and reliability of digital commerce. Our customers have seen up to a 39 percent increase in online conversions and a 68 percent reduction in online returns.”

Multiple brands from Curry’s PC world to IKEA have already been ahead of the trend with implementing Augmented Reality as part of making the buyer journey much simpler. As brands use 3D and Augmented Reality to allow customers to explore and experience the product before they buy, they are improving the online purchase journey, shortening the buying cycle and inspiring greater confidence in the purchasing decision. The benefit for the brand and customer is overall greater customer satisfaction. 

Looks like Augmented Reality is the answer to lockdown boredom and e-commerce issues, and with the Scapic suite, we may soon be able to place that coveted sofa and that much-needed office chair in our spaces alongside the Tigers and Lions. 


Scapic is an Augmented Reality company, that helps brands and businesses create Augmented Reality shopping experiences on their websites, no additional application downloads necessary. Scapic has helped companies across sectors create and manage product visuals. The company foresees Scapic’s Product Experience Management (PXM) suite to be used for varied purposes -- presentations, product tours, sales tools, training, brand marketing experiences, promotional experiences and educational content among others. Learn more at https://scapic.com/


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