Press Release: March 23, 2010

In a revealing study of 1,327 women aged between 18 and 30, www.MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk has found that 64% of women care more about what other women think of their clothing than men.

Only 25% of women asked admitted to bearing men in mind when making clothing decisions, whilst 14% claimed that they didnt care what their partners, or other men, thought of their dress style.

When asked what occasion they would dress up the most for, 41% chose going on a night out with their friends, compared to just 28% who would dress up the most for a date. 54% of women also admitted that a compliment from a fellow woman means more to them than one from a man, with 4 in 5 of these stating that this was due to women knowing more about fashion than their male counterparts.

Of the women who cared more about what other women thought of their dress sense, 23% confessed that they wanted to make others jealous with their wardrobe. In addition to this, one third, 34%, of women admitted to buying clothing they didnt like but that they thought would make them look fashionable. Of these, 27% had never worn the items in question.

http://www.MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk also asked women if they were more likely to copy the style of a friend or a celebrity, with results showing that 78% were more likely to imitate a friend. In addition to this, 32%, admitted to buying the same item of clothing that their friends already owned, and 52% would not be afraid to ask a stranger where they got a particular item from that caught their eye.

81% of the women who took part in the study also confessed to discussing outfits with friends before a night out, with 34% expressing that this was in order to gauge what style of clothing to wear. 28% however admitted to discussing outfits in an attempt to look better than their friends, with 42% of women asked stating that they would not tell their friends if they looked bad in an outfit.

Commenting on the findings, Andy Barr, Marketing Director of http://www.MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk said;

I think that this study reveals a lot about the psychology that lies behind womens clothing choices. Although we found it surprising that such a low percentage of women that took part considered what men would think of their style, it reveals the large influence that women have upon their peer group in terms of style.

I think the finding that women are more likely to be influenced by what their friends are wearing says a lot about how fashion choices are made. Perhaps the fashion industry needs to reconsider the influence of celebrity, and look at the real women influencing fashion at grass roots level.

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MyCelebrityFashion and its studies have been featured in The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Glamour Magazine and more.

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