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18-year Old Creates Website for College Students

Press Release: July 28, 2020

Today, 53% of college graduates are unemployed. To tackle this problem, Peter Uba jr., an 18-year old attending college in the fall, designed a website, Stuba, for easier access to STEM and healthcare careers for new grads. 

At the start of the quarantine, when unemployment soared in the United States, the young man saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the college graduates in America. Till now, up to 53% of new graduates are unemployed or working non-career related jobs. Sites like Indeed attempt to mitigate this problem by providing a platform for jobseekers and employers, but jobseekers are often presented with redundant jobs loosely related with their degree. Stuba, the website designed by the 18-year old, focuses solely on STEM and healthcare. 

With a simple interface, Stuba hopes to connect college students and college graduates with high profile companies that are directly related to their degree. To make it easier for these companies to find candidates, Stuba charges absolutely no fee to post jobs. In fact, there are no ads on the site either. Uba claimed, “I am not driven by the desire to have money, but to revolutionize how jobs are obtained by my generation and beyond.”


Right now, the 18-year old strives to get STEM companies and hospitals to post their jobs on his site to hopefully manifest the vision of Stuba.

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