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17.4M - The video

Press Release: November 29, 2019


Multimedia artist Paul Garrard has just released his latest video; 17.4 minutes of pure metaphor. A video for our times. Capturing the zeitgeist of the post truth generation.

Upon its release Paul said, “Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of relationships, perception and the human mind. What started out as a vision of freedom has become a manifesto of greed, stupidity and temptation, leaving only a sense of failing and the prospect and fear of a new order.

I'm troubled by how the sublime beauty of the intellectual mind along with the trials of plebian bemusement have been amplified and segregated into these distinctive formal juxtapositions.”

This piece explores the relationship between multiculturalism, bigotry and complex multimedia experiences. With influences as diverse as Kafka, Norris McWhirter and Fritz Lang, new tensions are explored and manufactured from both explicit and implicit layers.

Rather than any implied meaning or message, the minimalist nature of this video soundscape encourages the viewer to consider the visual and aural message of the work - they are encouraged to immerse themselves in its simplicity. The video soundscape is direct and incisive in its dissection of the human mind, and a lucent mirror of our collective subconscious.​

He went on to say, “my intention is that as temporal derivatives become distorted through the absorption of my work, the viewer will be left with an epitaph for the darkness of our culture.”


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About Paul Garrard

Paul Garrard is a multimedia artist with fifty years experience. The vast majority of his output these days is in one digital form or another. His work reflects how he feels, how he views the world and life with all its absurdities. “Art is life imagined and Nothing is ever black and white, even when it's black on white; life and art should never be taken at face value.”

Paul’s website: www.paulgarrard.com

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