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120+ clients in 100 days, Whistle fosters radical growth in 100 days – A new reaper for mobile marketing!

Press Release: August 10, 2020

Bangalore, India: The biggest challenge of SMS marketing is targeting your demographic audience amidst the gamut of networks! How would you tell if the person reading your SMS is interested in your product until you’re aware of the person’s interests? Well, welcome to the next level of SMS campaigning, Whistle. In the next 4 years to come, 8+ million smartphones will be sold in India. How will you trace your audience?

Whistle pronounces its strategy in a very unique way. 2019 was the most crucial year for Whistle. It was launched in the same time last year, August 2019. Further, it accrued innate projects & its objective to meet the CTA and brand goals.

Within the last 100 days, lockdown & business crisis has unfolded many challenges. Whistle has multi-layered the process of SMS marketing. This enables the brand and its objective marketing to reach the right audience.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was Whistle. Whistle is concocted with AI & ML, Content, Logic, former marketing intelligence & you name it. Which means, this avenue is built for pure performance i.e. cost effective.

Today, it holds a record of meeting/acquiring 120+ clients’ or brands’ objective within 100 days. Primarily, in Whistle, you can visit your performance and draw analysis report of it. Thereby, it will help you customize your campaign further to increase the scale of conversions.

Whistle owns the pitfalls of SMS marketing thereby clearing all the blockages and filters out the right data at the right time to target your demographic audience.

Besides making a pathway Whistle makes your campaign unique. The brief period of developing Whistle was rigged with umpteen solutions and problems.

The dynamism of Whistle is because of a substantial unit in Whistle whose features measure the performance of your content, campaign launch, retargeting your audience, estimating the RCPA & user engagement rate.

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