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12 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Ransomware Attack!

Press Release: July 23, 2018

In our modern, hyper-connected world, your business is incredibly vulnerable to many insidious types of cybersecurity threats. Chief among those are ransomware attacks, which covertly lock you out of your own files and then demand payment to recover them. This malicious software can halt your entire business if you are not actively employing security practices to protect your valuable data.

Frogworks have recently published an infographic highlighting 12 Ways to Protect Your Business from a Ransomware Attack. The infographic spotlights important measures to consider and initiate in order to prevent your systems from ransomware attacks. The list of recommendations include security assessment, securing passwords, securing emails, employment of advanced endpoint security, raising security awareness along with multi-factor authentication.

Other measurers to be in mind and used are regular computer updates, proper encryption and firewall. Regular backups are another important point in your security plan to protect your business from ransomware attacks.

About Frogworks: Since 2002, Frogworks has been helping small businesses in and around the Greater Washington DC area get the most out of their business technology. Over the years they have helped many small businesses relieve their technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their businesses and realizing their goals. But Frogworks is more than just an IT company.

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