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11 Style Tips To Remember When Wearing Vintage Clothing

Press Release: November 21, 2020

If there is one thing you should know about fashion trends is that nothing is ever permanent. They come and go and most people find it hard to keep up. Well, with Vintage Clothing in Brighton, this task has just become so much easier.

vintage clothing Brighton is a timeless fashion aesthetic. It is the holy grail of rare and unique couture. It represents an era long forgotten but also so very familiar. Here are 11 styling tips you should remember when wearing vintage clothing Brighton.

Do not forget to accessorize

With vintage clothing in Brighton, do not forget to accessorize with vintage pieces. Not only are vintage accessories cheaper, but they also do a better job of complementing your vintage clothing. Invest in a pair of quality ‘70s John Lennon style wireframes!

Do not wear vintage from head to toe

While it is alright to wear vintage clothing Brighton and mix it with vintage accessories, you must not wear vintage from head to toe. The Mad Men-style fashion aesthetic is definitely a trend right now but wearing that Betty Draper-esque dress, matched with the right hairstyle and coat, people might think you’re dressing up for a costume party.

Choose vintage items that look like current trends

So, what do we know so far? It’s good to accessorize your vintage clothing in Brighton but wearing vintage from head to toe is a big NO. This is why you need to throw in some current fashion trends with your vintage look to make it seem effortless and chic.

Wear modern hair and makeup

As for hair and makeup, go for a modern look. When wearing vintage clothing, you would want this to be your main star.

Mix your vintage pieces with modern separates

To rock that vintage look, wear vintage and new separates. It’s both modern and nostalgic. The key to owning vintage fashion is perfecting your mix-and-match.

Wear only one dramatic vintage piece

If you are going to wear a vintage leather jacket, do not go for a vintage bright orange knit. Keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Do not be fooled by an old drab dress

Here’s a common mistake most people make when styling vintage fashion. If you spot a drab dress in the thrift store, skip over this shapeless drastic denim dress. Remember, just because it’s old doesn’t necessarily mean it could be a good vintage fashion outfit.

Have fun with layering

Vintage virgins are afraid of layering when it comes to mixing and matching. Layering the right kind of outfit pieces will make you look playful.

Take care of your vintage clothing

Perfecting the vintage look is not just about wearing the right outfit pieces, it’s also about taking care of them. Keep your vintage clothing in mint condition and do your own research as to what needs to be done when washing them.

Don’t try too hard

Here’s something that may shock you: when wearing vintage clothing, you do not need to try too hard. Have fun with it and own that look. Do not take the trendy look too far because it’ll be very painful to the eyes.

It’s okay to mix eras

Lastly, when deciding on vintage outfit pieces, remember that you can mix eras. There’s no rule that you should stick to one era only. Blend new and vintage pieces together and you’ll come up with an outfit piece that has a unique and classy pop of color!

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