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11 Practical Tips In Learning French Quickly And Efficiently

Press Release: October 23, 2020

Learning French or any language for that matter is always a good investment. However, it won’t be easy! There’s a lot of memorization and practice, but why let these get in the way of learning a beautiful language? Kent Adult Education rounded up 11 practical tips for learning French quickly and efficiently.

Activate your passive memory

When it comes to French courses Kent Adult Education, we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming. With proper spelling, conjugating the tenses, and choosing the right gender of the nouns, there’s a high chance that you might get burned out. A good tip would be to activate your passive memory early in your language courses Kent. This will help you remember the right orthography, making it a lot easier to learn French Courses Kent.

Be creative when learning the gender of a noun

Nouns having gender is probably one of the aspects that English speakers find hard to adapt to. A good way to practice this would be to write the word and their respective article on the designated object so it’s easier for you to remember.

Make sure your intonation is on point

When it comes to Language Courses Kent, particularly French Courses Kent, intonation is very important. Even when your pronunciation is mediocre, properly pronouncing the French R and mastering the nasal sounds of the language will make conversing with the French more bearable because they know where a sentence begins and ends.

Read your favorite books in their French version

Language Courses Kent Adult Education utilizes different kinds of techniques when learning French. Another great tip would be to read your favorite books in their French version. Since you already know the story, you can take your time translating every word.

Read French news

Keep on reading even when you do not fully understand it. Reading the French news will help you learn new nouns and their genders.

Find introductory books on topics in French

Find French introductory books on simple and interesting topics. It will help you get familiarized with the basic structure of sentences in French and expand your vocabulary, too!

Write on your journal in French

Once you have consumed the French language in a variety of mediums, try writing in French. This is a great practice to ensure that you’ll be able to construct a response in French during a conversation.

Write short summaries in French

If you’re not yet that confident in writing from scratch, you can start by creating short summaries in French. This is easier for beginners because you already have the nouns and articles to come up with a full sentence.

Listen to French podcasts

Listening to French podcasts will help you with your vocabulary, intonation, and pronunciation. Even when you cannot understand every word they say, this is an excellent way of training your brain.

Browse through the many French artists and singers

Stemming from the previous point, if you find listening to people talk in French a bit boring, why not try listening to French artists and singers?

Watch French films and shows

Finally, watch French films and shows. This will help you understand how certain words can be used in context. Alternatively, you can watch some of your favorite movies and shows - but turn on the subtitle for French and try to compare how sentences are constructed for the two languages.

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