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11 Handy Tips For Low Maintenance Gardening And Landscaping

Press Release: February 19, 2021

Cultivating a garden is a simple way of keeping a hobby that is beneficial to your health and creates a special feel for your home. More and more properties in Buckinghamshire boast of serene and beautiful gardens with lots of colour and a variety of plants and flowers.

Here are 11 tips that beginners and green thumbs can use for low-maintenance gardening and hassle-free landscaping.

1. Layout is key

Before planting any trees or flowers, garden maintenance and landscaping usually starts by looking at your area and deciding where things will go. Take note of spots that get lots of shade and place flowers that might only need a bit of sunshine during the day. Areas that get tons of light are suitable for plants or trees that need the most sun. This way, you won’t have to worry about moving your plants around or installing a roof for extra shade.

2. Perennials and cacti

A great way to maintain a garden on a busy schedule is to go for plants that don’t need a lot of tending. Enter cacti and perennials! Getting a cactus can be fun because you can choose different shapes, sizes and colours. There are also perennial flowers like hydrangeas and coneflowers that don’t need much tending.

3. Ornamental grass

Opting for ornamental grass instead of trees and flowers is a cheap and smart technique in garden maintenance and landscaping. They’re easy to plant and add a pretty touch to any spot that you can choose. You can forget about them and they will keep on growing with minimum sunlight and water.

4. Get a fence

Some gardens in Buckinghamshire feature a traditional hedge that acts as a wall around the garden. If you’re too busy to trim your hedge and maintain its shape, it’s perfectly fine to get a fence instead. They’re sturdy and can be decorated to suit the style of your garden. You can also choose from different materials like wood or brick.

5. Install a rock feature

Another thing that will help you have an enjoyable garden maintenance Buckinghamshire experience is to add decorative rocks as a landscaping trick. What’s amusing is that rocks can actually complement the look of your shrub or plant. The best thing? Rocks don’t need anything except your admiring looks. You can even do it as a family by getting your kids involved in placing them around your garden.

6. Automated watering

Keeping your plants healthy is easy and hassle-free with the help of automatic sprinklers. You can set the time and know that your trees will be watered even while you’re away. The auto-off setting also means that you save money by not wasting precious water.

7. Mulch

Mulch is a convenient way of getting rid of unwanted weeds in your garden so you can save time and energy by not having to pick them out one by one. You can also use mulch to keep the soil nice and moist which is ideal for plants.

8. Mossy bossy

Garden maintenance Buckinghamshire can be improved with the help of the humble moss. Similar to mulch, it keeps the soil damp and helps keep the moisture for growing plants.

9. Contain it

Beginners trying their hand at gardening can start off by having plants in containers as opposed to planting directly on the ground. This way, you’re effectively working with just a small area therefore maintaining it requires little effort.

10. Watch out for aphids

It’s a good idea to use insecticidal soap on your plants to prevent the spread of aphids. Aphids attack the plants and may cause damage.

11. Artificial lawn

Homeowners can also benefit by installing an artificial lawn in their garden. Aside from mimicking the look of real grass, there’s no need to water or mow it.

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