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11 Garage Conversion Ideas And Tips From Experts

Press Release: November 08, 2018

Walsall, UK - The garage is the part of the house that is used mainly for storage. Whether or not homeowners have cars or motorbikes, the main purpose of the garage is to keep clutter hidden away from the main house. Smart and savvy homeowners, on the other hand, know that if the space isn’t being utilized as intended, it is the perfect time to look into garage conversions Walsall specialist contractors design.

Consider the following tips when consulting with garage conversions Birmingham experts:

Call A Building Inspector

Before starting any type of conversion work in the garage make sure that the space meets all the local building codes. It is also best to see if the local council has any regulations regarding garage conversions Walsall.

Budget Wisely

Just like with any other conversion project, you have to sit down and budget accordingly. Having a set budget will help you limit or expand your plans for the garage.

Plan With A Pro

Converting a garage into another type of living space requires more than just adding couches inside the space. Even if you are planning to complete the conversion in DIY fashion, it is in your best interest to plan and design with the help of a garage conversions Birmingham based contractor.

Always Insulate

Garages weren’t built for optimum temperature control. Provide ample insulate to keep the temperature at a comfortable level all year round.

Consider An HVAC System

To keep the newly converted garage comfortable and welcoming, consider installing a separate HVAC system, if budget permits.

Raise The Floors

Garages are built separate from the house and are usually at least one foot lower than the house. This should be raised so that there is no need to step down awkwardly every time someone enters the converted space.

Moisture Barrier

Another factor to consider when converting the garage is the type of floor it already has. Most likely it will be concrete which means it is a must to add a moisture barrier layer before carpets or rugs.

Check The Plumbing

There might be a need to contact a professional plumber to ensure the room has running water.

Use The Right Furniture

Despite all the best efforts, the garage still might not be a fully climate-controlled space. As an insurance only use weather-resistant furniture for the room.

Half And Half

Homeowners who also have a vehicle don’t have to convert the entire garage into a living space. The other half can still be used for storing the vehicle. The pros can handle the planning to ensure everything fits within the area.

Get Creative

The garage is like a blank canvas, you can turn it into any type of extra room that is perfect for your needs. Everything from an extra guest room to an art or dance studio is possible as long as you are working with the right garage conversion specialist.

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