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11 Creative Ways To Make Most Of Your Small Bathroom

Press Release: November 27, 2020

Are you looking for your next renovation project? While the living room and the kitchen are two of the most used areas in your house, it seems that most homeowners tend to neglect another one, the bathroom. People use the bathroom every day so it only makes sense to make the most of it.

There are several bathroom showrooms Kent and bathroom shops Kent making it a lot easier to upgrade it even if you have a small bathroom. If you do not know where to start, here are 11 creative ways to do so.

Install a corner sink to help you save space

The key to making the most of small rooms, as you may have noticed in bathroom showrooms Kent, is to save space as much as possible. By installing a corner sink, you are able to do this by not disrupting the only traffic lane in the bathroom.

Add a floating vanity

A floating vanity also gives the illusion of having that extra space because it actually does. You’re not taking up too much floor space, giving you room for additional storage. There are several bathroom shops Kent that offers you the right vanity for any kind of space you have.

Utilize a wall-to-wall mirror to create an illusion of spaciousness

Another great way to create an illusion of spaciousness in bathroom showrooms Kent is a wall-to-wall mirror. According to designer Elizabeth Cooper, a wall-to-wall mirror offers an airy vibe even though your bathroom may lack natural light, which brings us to our next point.

Let the light in!

As much as possible, let the natural light in. Remember, a dark bathroom will never favor anyone. Plus, oftentimes, especially in cases of bathrooms, brighter equals bigger.

Use unique bathroom essentials in monochrome

Another creative tip would be to make use of bathroom essentials. Furthermore, using unique bathroom essentials in monochromes, such as classic striped towels, stone surfaces, and sculptural sconce, will give you an edge by taking a minimalist approach.

Invest in good lighting

Good lighting is probably one of the most neglected aspects of renovating or upgrading your bathroom. This is crucial, especially if you don’t have much natural light in your bathroom.

Add ladder shelving for more storage

Ladder shelving is a great and efficient way to add storage to what little space you have in your bathroom. It feels less bulky than those standard and traditional bathroom drawers.

Go green with plants!

Adding plants to your bathroom will make it feel less claustrophobic! Find those that can survive in low light and humidity.

Extend the counter over the toilet

This is a great tip because it does not affect your toilet placement. It also utilizes the space over your toilet. Place items that you would typically need when you are on the throne.

Add a wall-mounted faucet

A wall-mounted faucet not only adds space but also provides you with a modern-looking bathroom. This allows you for a narrower sink or even a vanity.

Get creative with a gallery wall

If there is one thing you should learn is that no small room is ever too small for artwork. Small spaces are actually perfect places to add wall art as you are utilizing the walls more.

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