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11 Coolest Apple Watch Straps You Can Grab Today

Press Release: January 19, 2021

The Apple Watch is a game changer in the world of smartwatches. Besides its basic time-telling function, it is designed to help you track your heart rate, the calories you’ve burned, as well as the distance you’ve covered while running. It is also packed with apps similar with what other Apple devices have. And with a smartwatch as cool as Apple’s, it’s totally understandable why many consumers want to pair it with equally cool Apple Watch Straps.

Replacing your Apple Watch strap can change the whole vibe that you as the wearer gives. Whether you want to look sleek but chic or you want to evoke a certain kind of playfulness, we’ve got you covered with these awesome straps from Coconut Lane.

Lilac brush strap. If you want to transform your boring strap into a more feminine one, this item is definitely for you. This product features brushstroke elements with a pale shade of purple and accentuated with darker ones.

Rose gold marble strap. Oozing with class and elegance, this strap features a white backdrop with rose gold-tinged marble-like aesthetics.

Sunflowers strap. This is a must-have for people who’re collecting flower-themed Apple Watch straps. As sunny as the flowers they showcase, this can make your overall look brighter and more cheerful.

Minispots strap. This strap is an eye candy, thanks to its aesthetic design featuring a soft green hue dotted with white spots.

Monochrome spots strap. A variation of the strap above, this spot-themed band is a delight for users who got a penchant for monochromatic designs.

Aqua splash strap. Want to add a splash of color to your prized Apple Watch? Check out this silicone-made strap from Coconut Lane. It has touches of pink, white, tortoise, blue, and violet — vivid hues that can give your wrist a refreshing look.

Palm strap. Speaking of refreshing, this strap evokes beach vibes courtesy of its palm-inspired aesthetics.

Khaki leopard strap. If you’re looking for more playful Apple Watch straps, bands that draw inspiration from animal prints might appeal to you. This Khaki leopard strap is highly in-demand because of the exotic appeal it exudes.

Dalmatian strap. Want a strap that features an animal that’s more domesticated? This Dalmatian strap is the answer. Unlike the monochrome spots strap, the spots in this band are smaller and more evenly distributed across the surface.

Abstract vibes strap. This one is recommended for the fans of abstract art. The Apple Watch band can add dashes of high-spirited vibes to your appeal whenever worn.

Stainless steel strap. If you’re not into silicones, this stainless steel adjustable strap is a great alternative. Available in black, silver, gold, and rose, this is suitable for Apple Watch Series 1-5. The package includes a link remover tool for customized fit.

Time to change your Apple Watch strap? Get your hands on the best deals only from Coconut Lane. What’s more awesome is that they also offer iPhone cases with the same design as their straps. The shop is known for their homeware and fashion and gadget accessories made for girl bosses, dreamers, and believers. Their feel-good products — all competitively priced — can be accessed via their website, https://coconut-lane.com.

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