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10 Top Photo Tips

Press Release: February 10, 2010

1. Reflective surfaces
Look out for reflective surfaces in your photographs such as mirrors and glass, as they could mean youre accidentally included in the photograph!

2. New tricks
Keep trying out new tricks and learning different photographic skills so your photos are constantly changing and you start to develop your own style.

3. Perfect patterns
Look out for repeating patterns in the objects around you as they often make for fantastic photos.

4. Rule of thirds
Instantly improve your composition by imagining an empty noughts and crosses grid over your image, then place your main points of interest where the gridlines crossover.

5. Fill the frame
By moving in close on a subject and really filling the frame, your photos will have much more impact.

6. Exaggerate it
Its easy to exaggerate the size of your subject by either looking down on what youre photographing or gazing up.

7. Quick work
When you're taking portrait photos of people, working quickly is a good way of ensuring you keep everyone's interest and get natural smiles.

8. Frame it
Give your subject a natural frame such as shooting through a doorway or window that can act as a strong border to your photo.

9. Dappled sunlight
On a bright sunny day try photographing someone under the dappled light of a shady tree to give an interesting effect.

10. Photography is a gift
Use your fabulous photos for fantastic personalised gifts and share your new found skills with your friends and family. Make a personalised mug or add a personalised card for that someone special.

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