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10 Things Not to Buy Your Mum on Mother's Day

Press Release: March 01, 2010

10 things Not to Buy on Mothers Day!

1)Sexy Lingerie Yeew! For your Mum! So very bad on so many levels!
2)Any clothes whether it be cardigans, neoprene blouses or nylons slacks No, No, No, unless she likes friction burns!
3)Latest CD from Dizzy Rascal unless shes into Ol Dizzy, dont buy her music unless she asks you to and then buy it online to avoid the embarrassment of asking for Cliff Richards greatest hits!
4)Piles of your dirty washing come on, she does that every day/week/year so give her a break!
5)Just a Mothers Day card shes given you a lot over the years so surely she deserves at least flowers & some chocs?
6)Ugly statuette saying Worlds Best Mum- what can she do with it? And itll require dusting
7)An Evening baby-sitting your kids you think thats what she really wants as her special day?
8)Any appliance relating to housework or the home she needs to be recognised as an individual not as an extension to a washing machine/ fridge/ oven /dishwasher
9)Funny slippers theyre not actually expected to be worn and what does it say about your Mum (especially the Scooby Doo ones!)
10) Flowers from the garage theyre covered in diesel fumes for a start and doesnt matter which garage theyre from, shell know.

Your Mum deserves some thought, some time and some love so visit us to get great gifts and save you some money in the process.

Here are some ideas from HotVouchers.com on things that your Mum will like

1)Pamper day at a Spa or even Spa stuff for her at home, shell still appreciate it.
2)Mothers Day Hampers theres loads to choose from and theyre different.
3)Flowers & Wine/Champagne lots of new ideas and great offers are available
4)Tickets to her favourite band/ singer/ play/ show
5)Restaurant vouchers she gets to go to her favourite one and it wont cost the earth
6)Gift voucher from her favourite shop or somewhere where shes always wanted to shop in.
7)Weekend away great deals for City Breaks, Hotels or excursions you never knew that shes always wanted to go to Amsterdam!
8)Beauty treatments face, hands or feet, just having a rest will be good!
9)Bit of adventure cars, planes & other stuff to get her blood pumping again
10)Take your Dad out so that she gets time to do what she wants whatever that is!

Heres to all the great Mums in the world we wouldnt be here without them!


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