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10 SEO Keyword Terms Easily Explained To Help Beginners, JAG Digital SEO Consultant

Press Release: March 19, 2021

Here is our easy-to-understand top 10 guide to help you gain knowledge on all the SEO-related terms that we use mean. This will give you faster insight into the value behind the work we do for our clients.

1. SEO
Search Engine Optimization is improving the quality of a website so that it will increase unpaid organic traffic to the site. This is done by ensuring that all elements of a site have been set up in accordance too what search engines will identify as good content.

Ensuring meta-data, images, tags, written content, and more are all optimized to the exact keywords, relevant to the business’ niche.

2. Keywords
What is the relevance? Google recommends Every page on a website should have at least 2000 words of well-written content included. Every web page is also recommended to have meta-keywords, meta description, and a page title. This helps search engines find relevant pages for the different searches made by people using them.

It is essential that all these tasks mirror each other on a web page, this is where keywords come into play. Using our SEO tools, we can find the best Niche-Terms for a business, we can tell exactly how many times each keyword is searched per month, and we can tell how hard it is to rank on a term.

We can then utilize this information to write Keyword-rich content to enhance each site-page, add the best meta-tags & descriptions, and page by page optimize the website.

3. Backlinks
A backlink is an external link from a third-party website, to your website. For example, a Facebook business page will have a link to your website (yourwebsiteDOTcom), which is called a backlink. Any link from another website to yours is a backlink.

Well, why is creating backlinks so hard then? There are 2 types of backlinks…

No-follow links are called this because they do not send any power to your website, so essentially add nothing in the way of optimizing, ranking, or increasing traffic to your website. Links from social media, email, directories, and many other sites are 99% No-follow links.

​However, it is still good to have some of these in place for citations and it generally being helpful to direct any social media visitors to your business website easily.

Strong Do-follow links are what we need to find in order to send power to your website, this helps improve your Domain Authority and Trust Flow, which pushes you up the rankings. It’s a lot trickier to find good niche-relevant do-follow links.

​It takes time and effort to build each link. Each link has to be from a 3rd party website that is somehow relevant to your business. For example, Blog pages can be a good way of creating links (but this includes creating a well-written 2000 word blog). That might seem like a huge hill to climb, but a well-structured marketing and backlink strategy can streamline the time involved in creating blogs and other media such as videos, podcasts, and images.

Content Management
It is vital in today’s online market that your business has great content and has a marketing strategy in place to promote the content. Great content can come in multiple forms such as blogs, articles, videos, audio, images, photos, and infographics. This is what your target audience consumes online, so hitting the right trend is key to increasing traffic.

The key point to content management is communicating with your audience with the information they require, without actually selling. It is the opposite approach to handing out leaflets because the content you have provided is relevant for the customer and has helped teach them, without the sales pitch, helping them gain trust in you, and increasing the chance of a sale. This is a core part of any optimization strategy.

Another key point to add, routinely creating new strong content for your business is a big contributor to building authority online. This also lets Google know that you are the best source for their search results, organically pulling you up the rankings!
If people read and like your content, they will share it. The more people that share, the more your content will trend. Helping you grow a strong dedicated audience and with that growing your social pages and affiliated pages.

6. Anchor Text
This ties directly in with backlinks and do-follow links especially. When you are on a web-page and there is a (reference) word or phrase highlighted (meaning you can click to another webpage), that type of text-link is called anchor text.

The reason this is helpful for SEO is that you can create strong branding for your website. If your niche is plumbing, then every anchor link created, would use a word or term directly related to your business and brand, for example, ‘Smith’s plumbing Belfast’ or ‘Smith’s best quality plumber Belfast’. In these two examples, you can see the keywords are Smith’s, Plumbing/Plumber, and Belfast, with this we can create varied phrases as anchors, with every new anchor link we increase the strength of the business & brand, meaning we become more relevant to search engines which increases rankings and traffic.

7. Ranking & Traffic
There are 2 areas that JAG Digital aims to rank a client’s website in. The first is the Google Map Pack for local business searches, and the second is on page 1 of Google. Both as it happens are on the first page of Google. The spots to aim for on the map pack are the top 3 local listings. This is where the vast majority of traffic aka people, will visit, meaning the highest potential to gain new customers and increase business. Customers have the most trust in the highest-ranked listings because generally, they have the most relevant information for their search.

A website that is organically ranked on page 1 of Google is the most powerful way to increase traffic. Customers will trust a ranked website on the first page, even over the map pack, a higher percentage of online traffic will sooner click on a web link, than the map pack option.

Although, if you have a top spot on the map pack and a top spot on page 1, then you will have cornered the market essentially, funneling the highest percentage of clicks towards your business. This only leads to one happy outcome ‘More Profit’!

8. Citations & NAP
We build citations via trusted directories such as ‘Google My Business’, ‘Yell.com’ or ‘Yelp.com’. We claim your business page on each directory site and fill in all the business info on each page exactly the same, including logos, images, and any other related media. The more citations a website builds, the higher your Citation score becomes. This shows search engines legitimacy in your online brand, then helps to increase the Domain Authority & Trust Flow.

Every directory page needs to be exact to the character with (NAP) Name, Address, and Phone number, any variations on even one page can harm your rankings or authority online. Every citation is connected to your Google my Business listing (Map Pack), so everything is powering towards increasing authority and ranking.

9. Google My Business / Map Pack
Why do we all drone on about your business having a GMB listing? This listing is possibly the most important listing your business can have. The Google search engine has the highest level of traffic online compared to other search engines. They provide businesses online with the tools needed to capitalize on Google’s high traffic, to help you grow your online business.

The most important tool they provide is your business listing. Having a GMB listing means that your business will appear on the Map Pack for your local area, under relevant keyword search terms. The listing also provides your customers a direct way to contact you, find out more about you, and see if you can provide them with the service they require (Lead Generation). This listing can act as a mirror to your website, as well as helping your site rank better, both organically and in the map pack.

Google My Business is still a free service, it can lead to a massive increase in traffic to your business, and we think it is essential to making any business visible online. As with your website, a GMB listing should be routinely updated with fresh content and business information. It should not be looked at as a static page.​

10. Trust Flow
​Trust Flow is only created by combining all the above tasks. There is no one-stop solution to increasing your website’s Trust-score. We can only achieve a good score by doing diligent work with all the above points. If your website is optimized, has regular well-written content, and has a strong backlink & citation strategy, then the Trust Flow score will naturally increase over-time.

The most effective tool we can use when combining all the tasks, and to increase trust in your website, is to set each task in a regular and organic schedule.

We hope you found our Top 10 List informative, and hopefully, we’ve saved you time trying to understand the basic terminology used in the industry. In our next blog, we’ll delve deeper into the tricker side of SEO.

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