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10 Quick Facts about Phosphoric Acid

Press Release: October 26, 2020

Categorized as a weak acid, phosphoric acid is very popular and highly used. Extracted from the phosphate rocks, this is also termed as a mineral acid. It is also called as Phosphoric(V) Acid and Orthophosphoric Acid.

As the best Phosphoric Acid Distributor in Qatar, in this blog, Palvi Chemicals explains 10 quick facts about Phosphoric Acid:

#1) Phosphoric acid has many uses in several industries. Popular industries that use phosphoric acid are personal hygiene care, food and beverage, agriculture, animal and poultry feed, fuel cell applications, phosphate fertilizers, pharmaceutical and others.

#2) The most popular use of phosphoric acid is – it is used for the removal of rust from different metals.

#3)Phosphoric acid is also used as an electrolyte in oxyhydrogen generators and fuel cells.

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#4) By features, phosphoric acid is colorless, odorless and inorganic. Phosphorous acid is non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-volatile in nature.

#5) Dentists use phosphoric acid for cleaning teeth surfaces and as an etching solution.

#6) Phosphoric acid liquid is 85% aqueous and corrosive to tissues and metals.

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#7) Some popular applications of phosphoric acid are In phosphoric acid fuel cells, In activated carbon production, compound semiconductor processing and micro fabrication. It is used in the brewing industry as a sanitizing agent.

#8) Phosphoric acid works as a pH modifier, in household cleaning agents, as a dispersing agent and as a sanitizing agent.

#9) The good aspects of phosphoric acid are stability at high temperatures, low volatility, good ionic conductivity,  carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide tolerance.

#10) There are two ways of manufacturing phosphorous acid – thermal process and wet process.

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