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10 Out of 10 for Electric Showers

Press Release: March 12, 2010

At Creda Showers we have been designing and manufacturing electric showers for years and from experience can offer a product range that has been developed with both the installer and end-user in mind.

Firstly, if we look at the needs of an installer, clearly an easy installation is key. The electric shower is a perfect fit and forget product and is straightforward to install either as an initial installation or a replacement. Creda Showers understands that for installers the replacement market is key. Recent introductions of products such as the Creda Advantage with a multi entry platform that allows water pipes and cables to be routed down both sides of the shower recognise the growing maturity of the market. This product has the added advantage of a footprint large enough to cover that of the previous shower being replaced - avoiding the need to retile or redecorate around the unit.

Siting wise the electric shower provides a convenient option. An instantaneous electric shower can be installed just about anywhere in the home because it only needs to be plumbed into a cold water rising main making it a practical choice for a new ensuite or an additional shower room downstairs.

Another key factor for installers and their customers is the affordability of the shower.
At a time when many homeowners are still cautious about how much they spend, the electric shower is undoubtedly an affordable option. For those looking to make improvements to a bathroom without completely renovating, electric showers offer an excellent update option without the price tag.

Reassuringly for the homeowner affordability does not mean a compromise has to be made on style. Today when it comes to the bathroom people are looking to create a certain amount of wow-factor so it is important to remember that electric shower design has also come a long way since the early days of dated, oversized white boxes. Now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, an electric shower can complement even the most modern bathroom design.

Electric showers provide the perfect self-indulgent option for families and those who enjoy a long hot shower after a hard day. Instead of using a hot water feed, an instantaneous electric shower draws on the cold water and, as the name suggests, heats it as required. That means an inexhaustible supply of hot water and no more cold showers even if you are the last one to use that day.

The instantaneous nature of the shower offers another advantage over other concepts in terms of low running costs. This is achieved by only heating cold water as it is used rather than having to heat large amounts of stored water. With inbuilt heating elements the shower operates independently of the heating system, which means that they can be fitted in any home, regardless of which type of heating system is in place. This also means they can still be used if the heating is switched off or out of action, making them an ideal back-up in a second bathroom or shower room.

Finally, the latest development to enter the market has been the introduction of digital technology and, perhaps most importantly affordable digital technology. Digital mixer showers began appearing in manufacturers portfolios a few years ago, representing a real advance in the showering market. Initially, however, its high price tag meant that it was reserved for the top end of the market and the technology was somewhat slow to be widely accepted. More recently though changing consumer perception and a wider range of available products such as the Creda Digimix has created a very real opportunity for any installer willing to sell the benefits of digital technology to customers.

Designed with the installer and their customers in mind todays stylish electric shower offers endless benefits and is available at a refreshingly affordable price tag.



Ease of installation
Feature rich
Easy to use
Independence from heating system
New technology

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