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10 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Mind In Control During COVID-19 Lockdown

Press Release: April 23, 2020

Sitting in your pj’s all day in front of AC and no worries of office meeting! This might be the dream of every person when they are going to the office before the COVID-19 Lockdown.

But now as the days of lockdown are increasing, people are getting frustrated and they want to go out. The most difficult thing nowadays is working from home. Most people are complaining about the loss of productivity and losing their minds while working from home.

This problem is common so we are going to share ten best tips to keep your mind in control:

1- Setup A Dedicated Office Space

To make yourself work within the office environment, you need to set up a dedicated workspace at your home. Select one room in your house and set your items like a laptop, a notebook, pen, keyboard, and a mouse for proper working. With this, you will stay focused and you can complete your work with ease. The most important thing to keep in mind is the chair. Select an ergonomic chair that can take care of your back and neck.

Generally, it is recommended to get a star-shaped chair for a proper balance. During the break, you can go out of the room to eat or take some rest and come back to your office room.

2- Outline Your Working Hours

If you are staying at home, then this does not mean that you are going to sleep during your working hours. This will not be a good practice to follow. When working from your home, you should follow the routine of your office. Work during the office hours and take a break within the given time slot to stay organized. This will help you to stay active instead of losing your mind.

3- Do Office Work Not House Chores

As you are at your home, you might think of completing your house chores during your office time. You might stand up to do some laundry, washing dishes, or preparing food. Do these things after your work on the weekend during the normal routine. Finish your office work on time to stay organized and focused.

4- Dress Up Nicely Everyday

When you will be sitting in your sleeping area or loungewear, then you will feel lazy. This should not be a Netflix and Chilling scenario! One of the important things we all do when going to the office is to dress up nicely. Due to this, we wake up on time and do things on time to reach the office at the right time. Don’t forget this habit and even at your home dress up nicely.

5- Define Your Daily Goals

To stay focused and organized, it will best for you to set up your daily goals. You need to do it the same way as you do it in your office. Even if your manager is not close to you for checking your work, still you need to finish all your tasks on a daily basis to avoid any delays. You should start your day with a to-do list and set up a time to analyze the things after a week or once in a month.

6- Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

We all are humans, not a machine! Don’t forget to take small breaks while working at your home. This will allow you to keep your mind fresh. Get up from your chair, drink a glass of water, eat some snacks, read a book, play a game, or anything that you will do in your office during your break.

7- Leave Work at Your Office

Nowadays, your dedicated home space is your new office. Leave all your office work at that table. Once office timings are over, turn off your laptop and lock your room. Staying at home does not mean that you should sit on your couch with your laptop to do the office work. Keep a balance in your working life, don’t mix it! Your family also deserves some of your time.

8- Great Time for Family Moments

If you are a bachelor, then you need to give some time to your parents. Have kids? Then this is the best time to spend some quality time with your kids. Take out some time for your children to play with them, cook with them, or plan some other activities to have some great family moments.

9- Socialize- It Is Compulsory!

Don’t forget to socialize even when you are staying inside your house during the lockdown. You can use various different online video calling apps like Zoom, Skype, or other. You can set a call with your friends or colleagues to discuss work and your daily life routine.

10- Don’t Do Overeating

You might have filled your home fridge with different food items. As you are staying at home, you will have full access. This does not mean that you should not do overeating. Eat healthy to stay fit and avoid health problems.

That’s all! These are the ten tips that will help you to stay focused, organized, and work without losing your mind. Stay at home and stay safe!


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