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10 funniest online search requests

Press Release: March 11, 2010

Offerssupermarket.co.uk uniquely offers a service which searches for any item that their site user cannot find themselves online, as well as providing them with 10 of the best deals on a variety of products.

http://www.offerssupermarket.co.uk have seen a 65% rise in searches on the run up to Mothers Day. With people hoping to give their Mother a unique and thoughtful gift, the site has received a number of interesting requests.

The customer services team at Offerssupermarket.co.uk has compiled a list of the 10 funniest search requests they have received to date. Some of the things they have been asked has caused problems for the team, not managing to find a flying carpet or air guitar, but not all the items got the better of them.

10 funniest online search requests:

1.Attractive man with loads of money
2.A 1979 wall calendar
3.Time machines
4.Air guitar
5.A servant
6.Flying carpet
7.Mens High heeled shoes,
8.Metallic Wallpaper
9.Boeing 747
10.A night with Simon Cowell

Offerssupermarket.co.uk prides itself on being able to find consumers anything they want and at the best price; with the majority of browsers looking for items such as electrical products, furniture and holidays however some of the more unusual requests are impossible to meet. Requests such as a 1979 unused wall calendar were a challenge for the team but it didnt defeat them, they did manage to find the calendar and send it off to the customer.

Supplying someone with the best price for an attractive man with loads of money, a flying carpet and a Servant was unfortunately searches the site could not complete.

Eve Atkins, founder of Offers Supermarket, has said,

The two main concepts of our website are to offer consumers the top 10 best products available at any given time, as well as finding something that the consumer cant find themselves. Our site is regularly used by the public and with exception of the above list, we always deliver.

She continues,

The list brought a lot of laughter to the office, and although we knew that we couldnt deliver we still conducted a search. It is nice that children want to give their Mother such thoughtful gifts. The team felt very proud of themselves when they located the calendar. The calendar find proved that we can find the public almost anything they asked for.

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For more information, contact Charlotte Horsfall on 01452 348211 or charlotte@10yetis.co.uk

Editors Notes
Offers supermarket is an online shopping site for most popular items from fashion to mobiles and holidays to TVs (and most things in between) many with offers or special prices attached.

Eve Atkins, the managing director of OffersSupermarket.co.uk has been in publishing for more than 20 years working in regional press and web

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