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1 in 4 stay-at-home mums spend more time online than with children

Press Release: January 13, 2010

Research by gaming competition website www.Winmonkey.co.uk has found that chat forums, social networking sites and gaming sites are contributing to a decline in the time stay-at-home mums spend with their children.

Of the 1,082 mums in the study of 1,466 women, 483 of those in the study were stay-at-home parents. 1 in 4 said that they spent more time online than they did with their children.

72% said they spent more time surfing the web than they did watching TV throughout the day, and 79% spent more time on the Internet than they did doing household chores, including cooking.

According to the study by Winmonkey.co.uk, stay-at-home mums spent an average of 2 and a quarter hours online a day, with 41% saying they were on it for more than 3 hours a day. 18% said they used the Internet for more than 5 hours a day throughout the week.

When asked the multi-answer question, Which of the following website types do you spend the most time on?, stay-at-home mums agreed that social networking sites contributed to the bulk of the time they spent online.

Here is a list of website types, ordered by percentage of the site type stay-at-home mums agreed they visited most.

1. Social networks 41%

2. Online gaming 23%

3. Shopping sites 16%

4. Forums 8%

5. News sites 5%

6. Gossip sites 3%

7. Virtual worlds 2%

8. Other 2%

1 in 3 stay-at-home mums admitted that they used instant messaging platforms such as MSN Messenger every day.

Sam Notaro, founder of Winmonkey.co.uk had the following to say,

Finding a balance between time spent online and other responsibilities is extremely important, and something we ask our users to be mindful of.

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