Press Release: April 08, 2010

A new study commissioned by www.sunshine.co.uk has revealed that just fewer than 1 in 10 Brits think Kazakhstan is a fictional place from the film Borat. 2,865 British people aged between 18 and 30 were polled after the site received an enquiry for holidays in Africa, which was believed by the customer to be a country.

The research found that 7%, of the respondents believed Africa to be a country, rather than a continent. 48% said the Galapagos Islands were Spanish, when in fact they are situated off the coast of Ecuador.

All but one of the respondents said that France was a country, whilst the remaining person stated it was located in Spain. 12% thought New Zealand was part of Australia and 27% thought it was located to the north-east of Australia, rather than south-east where it actually is.

54% of people said that Timbuktu was a fictional place, when in fact it can be found in Mali in Western Africa. Similarly, 37% of the people asked stated that Atlantis was a place in Greece they could visit, when it is actually a legendary island that apparently sank to the bottom of the ocean.

When asked What do you think the weather is usually like in Cambodia? 11% said it was often cold, despite the fact that it sits relatively near to the Equator, hence giving it a very warm climate. 59% of people claimed they would not be able to point out where Dubai was on a map of the world.

In the research by http://www.sunshine.co.uk, respondents were also asked Is Madagascar an island, a film, or both? and 8% said it was just a film. Just under 1 in 10 of the people questioned believed Kazakhstan to be a fictional place from the hit movie Borat.

Chris Brown, co-founder of http://www.sunshine.co.uk, commented on the findings;

Its not unusual for us to receive enquiries from customers who have got the locations wrong or slightly mixed up and we wanted to find out just how good or bad peoples knowledge of geography was.

As a travel company, were obviously clued up when it comes to different destinations, so its interesting to see that a fair few people arent in the know when it comes to the world around them.

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